The Politics Of Inertia

6 April 2012

David and I were talking last night about the best ways to succeed in politics.  Yes, we have some fascinating dinner conversations at Chez Pompom!

We decided that the most successful course of action is to do nothing. 

The O’Farrell State Government has now held power for a year and is still quite popular but neither of us could think of anything that they’ve actually DONE.  The Federal Liberal Party in opposition would appear to have a policy of keeping the electorate in the dark about their plans for the future should they win the election in 2013.   

They’ve said they will overturn practically every piece of legislation that the current Government has introduced but are fairly silent about any positive plans of action. This will be interesting – the Carbon Tax comes into force on 1st July this year and as a sweetener to the electorate, the Government has tripled the amount of the  tax-free threshold (the amount at which our earnings attract tax).  The Liberal Party would therefore have to return this figure to the current one if they’re going to abolish the Carbon Tax – and I’m not sure people are going to be happy to find that under a Liberal Government their take-home pay would dramatically decrease.  

The Liberals have said they want to change our recently-introduced paid Maternity Leave scheme where mothers now get 18 weeks pay at the Federal Minimum Wage ($589.30 per week) and replace it with a system where new mothers get 6 months pay at their current salary level (topped at $150k) giving some up to nearly $3k a week!  And they’re now talking about introducing tax concessions for mothers who hire nannies.  There is no real legal definition of who constitutes a nanny and I can’t be the only person who would object strongly to people receiving subsidies for housekeepers.  This will cost about $500 million a year which would be much better spent on providing more childcare facilities where at least we know that the staff are NOT doing the shopping and cleaning for the children’s families. So their plans of which I’m aware are to abolish practically every piece of new legislation and throw a lot of money at the child-producing section of the female population.   

Many people seem to be programmed to object to any change suggested by ANY Government so I can see that the best way for a party to stay in power is to do absolutely nothing.  Barry O’Farrell and Tony Abbott would appear to have cottoned on to this course of inaction too except where they feel that it may help their chances if a group of voters is “bought”.

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