Where Two Negatives DO NOT Make a Positive

9 April 2012

So I’m negative apparently because I don’t say anything “nice” about the All Craft Media stable of publications.

Subscribers to KAL/ACM publications don’t get their issues on time (or at all), the quality has deteriorated to a point where some of them are unreadable (they don’t appear to have proof-readers and no good quality designers will work for them as they don’t get paid), the sock club members have still not received their pattern books which were promised by the end of March, the lace club members haven’t received their final skeins of yarn which were supposed to be with them by the middle of March, designers are still not getting their samples returned …….

Forgive me for my negativity but if you can think of anything positive I should be highlighting, please feel free to let me know.

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  1. I bet you’re the sort of person who wouldn’t say anything nice about Pol Pot.

  2. Judith, you made me snigger, and I make a point of never doing that on a bank holiday!

  3. The magazine is printed on genuine paper, with enough pages to hold the covers apart.

    There you go, a positive.

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