Garbage In – Garbage Out

16 April 2012

My science education was seriously lacking but even I could immediately see the idiocy of this.  I think it’s been around for a while – not sure why I haven’t come across it before.Pc83Z

This came from a Baptist Church website promoting homeschooling in the USA.  So there are people out there actually passing on this garbage to their children.

ETA:  Thanks to the people who’ve pointed out to me that this is a fictitious church.  Wonderful parody of the whole fundamentalist stuff.  When read with that in mind, it all appears funny rather than mind-blowingly frightening.


  1. But by following that logic, I can feel much happier about homeopathy

  2. It’s probably worth pointing out that the Landover Baptist church is a parody.

  3. I have no words …

  4. I think there’s a “wee” error in this calculation…

  5. Landover Baptist Church has a page on Wikipedia that might be worth checking out. My husband found it for me.

  6. Hi Sally, another one chiming in on Landover Baptist being a parody. Sort of like the Onion was a few years back.

  7. But will fundamentalists with internet access realize it’s a spoof? I don’t think objective verification of evidence is usually seen as their strong point.

    Both sides of the religion/atheist argument are mostly preaching to the choir, I think. We atheists typically look down on the fundamentalists’ intellectual rigour (while conceding that there’s a tiny chance that there is actually at least one deity of some description); they take satisfaction in the belief that we’re going to pay for the error of our ways in the afterlife or the next life, as applicable.

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