We Really Couldn’t Make This Up!

18 April 2012

A bit of an update for those who can’t quite believe the machinations of All Craft Media.  It’s true, honest, every word of it.

So the final installment of the Lace Club yarn was due in the middle of March.  You may remember this was to be Wollmeise lace but although ordered in November, it wasn’t paid for until the beginning of March, by which time Wollmeise had sold the yarn and returned the money (they’d no idea who it was from – sent from a different name from the person/company who placed the order).  So an alternative yarn was sourced and was to be hand-dyed by a ‘professional’ dyer (no name ever given) and sent out to the members. 

Everyone has been assured that it was posted last Wednesday (11th April).  As at 17th April, not ONE package would appear to have been received by a member.  NOT ONE!  No surprises there then.

And onto the Sock Club.  They’ve now had all their yarn but are awaiting their final pattern and a booklet of all the patterns they were promised (and PAID FOR).  This was due with them at the end of March, which came and went with no delivery.  On 3rd April, ACM assured everyone that the booklets were with the printers and would be delivered to ACM “Today or tomorrow”, at which time they would be immediately sent out.  Nothing materialised.

On Monday 16th (after a phone call to their offices), they said that they had the PDF of the pattern book so would email that out to all the members before the end of the day.

On Tuesday 17th (after a phone call to their offices), they said that they had the PDF of the pattern book so would email that out to all the members before the end of the day.

Yes, you guessed correctly.  Both days came and went without said email. 

I know they’ve been really busy.  They appear to have spent the last couple of days deleting all critical comments from their Facebook pages.  So it’s our fault then.  If we weren’t so nasty they’d have time to actually provide the goods that so many people have paid for NOT waste their time racing around the internet erasing every bit of ‘negativity’ they can access. 

Correction:  The PDF of the Sock Club patterns has just been received by members – ie about 11.30pm (UK time) on Tuesday night.  Well, they said they’d send it on Tuesday!

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  1. This reads like the perfect back story for a classic English Whodunnit.
    It has all the right ingredients: malfeasance, high emotion, English country garden, a loyal butler, deviousness, high finance, The Law, Essex, and, an appalled ladies’ club…

    (See what I did there? An Oxford comma!)

    Maybe we could write it as a collective for Nanowrimo.

  2. Sorry, Sally, but this is off topic. I had never heard of an Oxford comma until today – even wrote a post about it, and The Monocled Kitty has referred to it in her comment! Is this selective attention or what?

  3. You forgot to say that the Lace club members actually paid for First Class postage, but are now told that the parcels were sent by Second Class postage – to save money! The difference being 23p in English money, per parcel.

    Today is the 19th April and nobody has received a parcel, time to call in the Police and Trading Standards?

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