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The Case of the Travelling Case

22 May 2012

We left Sydney on Saturday afternoon and 23 hours later arrived in Amsterdam.

Today (Monday), David’s suitcase arrived in Amsterdam after a bit of a trip to Paris apparently.

There’s a dreadful sinking feeling when you realise your suitcase isn’t on the carousel and all you have is what you’re wearing and the emergency kit the airline supplies (which David was thrilled to see included make up remover!)

But KLM came up trumps, found the suitcase at Charles de Gaulle airport, rushed it over to Schipol and delivered it to us at 7.30am.

We’re heading to Paris ourselves in Thursday. D’s suitcase obviously didn’t want to waste any time getting there.


All Quiet

17 May 2012

I’m off travelling for a while so expect the unusual ….. Pompom being quiet! 

We’re spending 9 days in Amsterdam and Paris,  three weeks in England and a couple of days in Bangkok.  I doubt whether blogging will be top of my priority list – but I may slip in a quick one when you’re least expecting it.  And you know how dreadful I am at photography, so don’t expect any photos.

Expect me back with renewed gusto at the end of June!




The Continuing Saga – All Craft Media and Kerrie Allman

12 May 2012

So KAL Media, sole Director Kerrie Allman,  went into liquidation last June with debts of over 200,000 pounds .  Out of its ashes came All Craft Media, sole Director Wayne Allman, Kerrie’s husband. On 4th May, All Craft Media was placed in Administration.  We don’t know yet what level of debt this company managed to acquire in its short trading life.

ACM published Knit Magazine, Inside Crochet, Handmade Living, Sew Hip, Modern Quilting, Simply Beautiful and launched last month Handmade Fashion. 

On 30th April 2012, a few days before the Administrators pounced, a new company was incorporated in the UK – Handmade Living Limited.  Sole Director – Richard Rycroft, who happens to be Kerrie’s father. 

The administrators put the titles of the publications out for sale and they already have a buyer for some of them – Yes, Handmade Living Ltd is reported to be buying Sew Hip, Modern Quilting and of course Handmade Living. 

Now I have an idea that Kerrie’s father knows no more about publishing (or needlecrafts for that matter)  than Kerrie’s husband.  So I think we can assume that Kerrie will once again be running the show, presumably in her usual inimitable fashion. And as we have seen in the past, she’s not particularly well-versed in publishing or needlecrafts either.

How long can this continue?  (The answer I suppose is until she runs out of compliant family members).

Knitters and crocheters are well-organised, have a large central meeting place (Ravelry) and have turned their backs on her.  The sewing community isn’t quite as well-informed about her antics. 

Must see what I can do to correct that!


They Named It After Me … NOT

9 May 2012

While we’re on the subject of magazines for knitters, I’ve come across a new one in the UK – first edition out shortly.  It’s called Pompom Magazine!  It’s quarterly and there is a Group on Ravelry where you can also link to a preview of the first issue.

I’m going to be in England in the next few weeks so will try to pick up a copy.  I’ll keep it in my knitting bag when I get back so everyone can have a quick look to see if it’s something they may want to subscribe to. 

And, no, it has NOTHING to do with KAL or ACM (or ME!) so I wish it good luck for a long and successful future.


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All Craft Media Limited (In Liquidation)

4 May 2012

Surprise, surprise.

On Monday (30th April) we heard that a new company, Handmade Living Limited, had been incorporated in the UK.  Handmade Living is one of the magazines in the All Craft Media (previously KAL Media) stable. The sole Director of this new company is Richard Rycroft, Kerrie Allman’s father.  Kerrie was the sole director of KAL,  and Wayne (Kerrie’s husband) was the sole director of ACM  Keep it in the family, that’s what I say.

Today (4th May), All Craft Media has announced that it’s going into liquidation. 

So it looks as though they’re picking out probably their only money-making magazine and hiving it off into a new company.  Here we go again…..  And they launched a new magazine about two weeks ago, Handmade Fashion.  No idea what’s happening to that one.

Subscription copies of a number of magazines are still at the printers who say they are “unable to release them” at the moment (and that was before the liquidation was announced), designers and contributors are once again unpaid, lace club, sock club and amirugami club members are still awaiting goods they’ve paid for. 

I’ll post details of the liquidators of ACM and how to claim as soon as I have it. 

CORRECTION:  They’ve gone into Administration, NOT Liquidation.  Though they’ve sacked all the staff.  Further details to follow. 

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And Another Big Plug

4 May 2012

I’ve come across some more non-Australian sites my Aussie knitting friends may like to have a look at. 

First out of the hat is the YarnYard – I’ve mentioned this business before but thought you’d be interested to know that they now have a range called Dyed to Order – 20 different colourways in 4 different yarn bases – and they all look lovely.

The next indie-dyed business is in Canada – Indigo Dragon Fly –   check out the names of their colours!  They also have a terrific club but I think the current one may be fully-subscribed (worth enquiring though).  I suggest you bookmark the link for the future – and I love the name of the club too:  Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination. 

Yarn Addict has a Lace Lovers Club currently open to subscribers – the first shipment is due out in July.  Three skeins, three patterns and a “How To” booklet.

Happy Buying.  Happy Knitting.

PS:  And if you’re interested in whether the Knit Magazine Lace Club members ever received their final installment supposedly posted to them on 11th April, the answer is predictable.  A great resounding NO! Which is one of the reasons I’m telling you about these three businesses.  They use a rather different business model ….. you place an order, you pay, you receive the goods you purchased.  You’re happy – they stay in business. 

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