All Craft Media Limited (In Liquidation)

4 May 2012

Surprise, surprise.

On Monday (30th April) we heard that a new company, Handmade Living Limited, had been incorporated in the UK.  Handmade Living is one of the magazines in the All Craft Media (previously KAL Media) stable. The sole Director of this new company is Richard Rycroft, Kerrie Allman’s father.  Kerrie was the sole director of KAL,  and Wayne (Kerrie’s husband) was the sole director of ACM  Keep it in the family, that’s what I say.

Today (4th May), All Craft Media has announced that it’s going into liquidation. 

So it looks as though they’re picking out probably their only money-making magazine and hiving it off into a new company.  Here we go again…..  And they launched a new magazine about two weeks ago, Handmade Fashion.  No idea what’s happening to that one.

Subscription copies of a number of magazines are still at the printers who say they are “unable to release them” at the moment (and that was before the liquidation was announced), designers and contributors are once again unpaid, lace club, sock club and amirugami club members are still awaiting goods they’ve paid for. 

I’ll post details of the liquidators of ACM and how to claim as soon as I have it. 

CORRECTION:  They’ve gone into Administration, NOT Liquidation.  Though they’ve sacked all the staff.  Further details to follow. 

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  1. I don’t approve of nepotism as a general rule, but perhaps it’s acceptable if you just keep it in the family.

  2. I was following this last night till I just had to go to bed.

    I think you’ll find that ACM has gone into administration and that would not have been a decision made by them but presumably by one of their creditors. Possibly the factors?

    Have just spent far too long reading a few of the Rav threads. Must shoer and breakfast!

  3. I thank everyone on the Internet for ‘outing’ the outrageous behaviour of KA and subsidaries. The crafting community is a relatively small one and I for one will not be purchasing any publication printed by this family or their associates. Hopefully everyone else will follow suit.

  4. I’m unlucky enough to be one of those with projects sent in, that will probably now not be published or paid for!
    Like many others, I will not touch any of this crowd’s magazines with a 40 metre barge-pole from now on 😦

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