And Another Big Plug

4 May 2012

I’ve come across some more non-Australian sites my Aussie knitting friends may like to have a look at. 

First out of the hat is the YarnYard – I’ve mentioned this business before but thought you’d be interested to know that they now have a range called Dyed to Order – 20 different colourways in 4 different yarn bases – and they all look lovely.

The next indie-dyed business is in Canada – Indigo Dragon Fly –   check out the names of their colours!  They also have a terrific club but I think the current one may be fully-subscribed (worth enquiring though).  I suggest you bookmark the link for the future – and I love the name of the club too:  Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination. 

Yarn Addict has a Lace Lovers Club currently open to subscribers – the first shipment is due out in July.  Three skeins, three patterns and a “How To” booklet.

Happy Buying.  Happy Knitting.

PS:  And if you’re interested in whether the Knit Magazine Lace Club members ever received their final installment supposedly posted to them on 11th April, the answer is predictable.  A great resounding NO! Which is one of the reasons I’m telling you about these three businesses.  They use a rather different business model ….. you place an order, you pay, you receive the goods you purchased.  You’re happy – they stay in business. 

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