The Continuing Saga – All Craft Media and Kerrie Allman

12 May 2012

So KAL Media, sole Director Kerrie Allman,  went into liquidation last June with debts of over 200,000 pounds .  Out of its ashes came All Craft Media, sole Director Wayne Allman, Kerrie’s husband. On 4th May, All Craft Media was placed in Administration.  We don’t know yet what level of debt this company managed to acquire in its short trading life.

ACM published Knit Magazine, Inside Crochet, Handmade Living, Sew Hip, Modern Quilting, Simply Beautiful and launched last month Handmade Fashion. 

On 30th April 2012, a few days before the Administrators pounced, a new company was incorporated in the UK – Handmade Living Limited.  Sole Director – Richard Rycroft, who happens to be Kerrie’s father. 

The administrators put the titles of the publications out for sale and they already have a buyer for some of them – Yes, Handmade Living Ltd is reported to be buying Sew Hip, Modern Quilting and of course Handmade Living. 

Now I have an idea that Kerrie’s father knows no more about publishing (or needlecrafts for that matter)  than Kerrie’s husband.  So I think we can assume that Kerrie will once again be running the show, presumably in her usual inimitable fashion. And as we have seen in the past, she’s not particularly well-versed in publishing or needlecrafts either.

How long can this continue?  (The answer I suppose is until she runs out of compliant family members).

Knitters and crocheters are well-organised, have a large central meeting place (Ravelry) and have turned their backs on her.  The sewing community isn’t quite as well-informed about her antics. 

Must see what I can do to correct that!


  1. Reblogged this on claireejknits and commented:
    For those who sew, craft, knit or like their world “handmade”. It’s shocking, sigh.

  2. More money than sense, as my grandmother would have said. I’m sure there are other old sayings which apply, but this was the first to come to mind.

  3. A fool and his/her money are soon parted…?

  4. Hello there Sally. i strongly object to this statement in your above blog post: “And as we have seen in the past, she’s not particularly well-versed in publishing or needlecrafts either”. Statements like this one provide ammunition for people to claim your group is just a bunch of meanies. Although I do not condone the non-payment of designers, some of the criticism being levelled is not only too personal, it is also totally unfair. Referring specifically to the sentence I quoted, there were 49 issues of Knit, published over a five year period, so it is patently untrue to say Mrs Allman is not well-versed in publishing. The needlecrafts comment is unwontedly rude and also completely subjective; no doubt the authors of several knitting pattern books would not agree with you. i do not know Mrs Allman, my only contact with the company has been as a subscriber to some titles and like others, I have lost out here on the remainder of my subscriptions. Thanks.

    • Of course the criticism is personal as Kerrie IS her companies. I think therefore it’s quite fair to hold her personally responsible for the mayhem she has created.

      Most of the 49 issues you mention (possibly all of them) were not produced by her but by her staff, most of whom have been experienced professionals. However, I think we can hold her responsible for the fact that so many of them were delivered late or not at all. We can certainly hold her responsible for the dreadful way she handled customer service.

      I think that having two publishing companies fail in the space of less than a year adds credence to my claim that her expertise, whatever it may be, does not lie in the field of publishing.

      And a brief search of Ravelry would reveal that her designing skills were perhaps not of the highest calibre. I do appreciate that this is subjective. But are there really people out there who want to knit barfing reindeers or whatever they were supposed to be.

  5. Good update. See my awesome search terms and laugh! #handmadeliving or #handmadedyeing

  6. From what has been said today, two different people confirm the titles have been sold to Taylor Made Publishing Ltd, and not to Handmadeliving limited.

  7. Do we have any further news on this? Is the Handmade Living Ltd thing still a fact?
    I’m trying to get to the bottom of as much as I can (as yet another contributor who hasn’t been paid!) because as you say, she is about to do it all again, quite clearly.
    And I think there are still plenty of sewists out there who are not yet versed with Kerrie’s con artistry. I understand the anonymous comment above – she’s quite right that it’s not nice to be mean – but in this case I’m afraid Kerrie Allman has gone way past the sympathy of well-meaning people – on the contrary, her actions should be under investigation by the likes of Watchdog. She has conned and taken advantage of untold numbers of designers, writers, editors, contributors and probably other suppliers such as photographers.
    How we stop her from doing it again I don’t know…but you can all count on my support!

    • The latest information I have is that the titles are probably being split – some going to one company and some to another. Haven’t had this confirmed yet.

  8. As her landlady for six months I can confirm she never had any intention of signing her Tenancy at Will (nor a lease) and paid not one penny in rent. I eventually had to change the locks and shut her sales staff (including her mum and sister) out of the premises. She didn’t pay her office manager until this lady’s husband personally went and collected it. She was full of excuses for non payment. Beware all who encounter her. She is poison.
    When we sent a small claims court order to her home it was returned ‘unknown at this address’ ……… says it all!

    • I an confirm this statement to be true 100 percent fact

  9. There are at least two Ravelry-type sites for sewists (as they are now apparently called – they don’t like “sewers”). I think, but can’t be entirely sure, that they were started by Ravelry members. They are SeamedUp and MySewingCircle. You may be able to contact them and get the news out!

    • And The Sewing Directory too – Fiona who runs it has been covering the KAL Media shenanigans extensively too, and trying to help get word out. I’m shocked by Mrs Elliot’s comments above! If only Watchdog would sit up and listen!

  10. “Beware of all who encounter her. She is poison.” I have never encountered a person like that before but when I met her I was fooled and was prepared to work very hard to help her make a profit. More fool me! I now know better and hope karma bites her on the arse! I am now going to pick myself off the floor and get on with my life and hopefully will never encounter anyone like that again 😦

  11. Exactly what con artists do I guess. Me too Lisa – I’m owed!

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