The Case of the Travelling Case

22 May 2012

We left Sydney on Saturday afternoon and 23 hours later arrived in Amsterdam.

Today (Monday), David’s suitcase arrived in Amsterdam after a bit of a trip to Paris apparently.

There’s a dreadful sinking feeling when you realise your suitcase isn’t on the carousel and all you have is what you’re wearing and the emergency kit the airline supplies (which David was thrilled to see included make up remover!)

But KLM came up trumps, found the suitcase at Charles de Gaulle airport, rushed it over to Schipol and delivered it to us at 7.30am.

We’re heading to Paris ourselves in Thursday. D’s suitcase obviously didn’t want to waste any time getting there.


  1. Sounds pretty efficient, good on KLM!

  2. Bad luck! But glad it all turned out for the best.

  3. I’m with the suitcase, I wouldn’t want to waste any time getting to Paris either, although I love Amsterdam as well. I was proposed to there!
    I hope you get to la drougerie in Paris, def worth it. And the yarn section on the top floor of le bon marche – next to the droolworthy linen tablecloths.
    Have a WONDERFUL holiday!!

  4. Glad it turned up pronto!

    I’ve done it; read every post form 1 Mark forward – now I know what’s going on in your world!

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