I Can’t Knit

1 July 2012

I don’t know what’s happened lately but practically everything I’ve created in the last few weeks has had to be “amended” after I thought I’d finished it.

I’m currently re-knitting the hem of the jumper I entered into the Easter Show.  It’s a basket-weave cable which is very tight so decided that if I’m actually going to wear it, I’d better re-knit it.

I have another jumper I’ve just finished but for some reason didn’t check the dimensions as I went along and it’s ended up with shoulders about 5cm too wide.  So rip it out to the underarms, re-calculate the sleeve openings, re-do the neckline, re-knit the top of the sleeves and it just MAY be wearable.

I’m half way through a second sock in a variegated yarn which I’d managed to match perfectly with the first sock.  Got to the heel and it no longer matches, so I’ve ripped that back too.

This is BORING and not what I want from my knitting but if I don’t be really disciplined and sort these messes out, the garments will just be thrown in a drawer and forgotten about, which seems rather a shame.

I did manage to finish one item though, with no hiccups.  The yarn was spun for me by Clare (of Emily and Clare fame) when I visited her a few weeks ago in the UK.  And I had a complete stranger in a cafe yesterday admire it and want to look at it.  The colours are beautiful and it knitted magnificently. 

 Clare's hat


  1. I like that yarn too! Sometimes we’ve just got to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done!

  2. Hello Sally, this is my first comment to your blog. I really like the hat and the colors. I’ve enjoyed reading part of your past blogs and I’m glad I found your blog. And even though I HATE reworking my knitting, I agree that if you don’t it, it would be a shame for it to sit in a drawer. Have a great day!

  3. You were so right – the perfect hat for Clare’s yarn! (And I hope it didn’t need re-knitting?)

    The longer I knit, the more willing I am to rip and re-do. A you say – not what you want, but the only way to get a satisfactory outcome when it’s needed.

  4. The hat (and yarn) are quite spiffy! What is the pattern?

    I too get frustrated with my knitting when I’m “blessed” with the unexpected or my lesser knitting knowledge heaves an educational opportunity at me. {sigh} But I think your perspective (and frustration) is reasonable. I tend to growl a little when I hear “No time knitting is wasted” – especially as I’m ripping out hours and hours worth of knitting. But {bigger sigh}, you’re right. If I want a finished product I will actually wear…I rip and try to fix and learn.

    I hope your knitting goes more smoothly for your soon and that you get to enjoy your jumper(s) before the weather warms!

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