Will The Real Derek Barnes Please Stand Up?

5 July 2012

So Kerrie Allman has no connection with Craft Magazine Shop, the new owners of Modern Quilting, Sew Hip (now Simply Sewing), Handmade Fashions, Simply Beautiful and the new Handmade Weddings?  She’s said so on her blog (now closed to the public).  She’s going off to pastures new and has rented the old ACM offices in Essex for her new ventures.  CMS is based in Huntingdon.

Pull the other one, Kerrie.

When Tailor Made sold the titles to “Derek Barnes”, they also passed on the subscribers’ list, as a condition of the sale was that the new owners honoured subscriptions.  So how did the new owners get the LAPSED subscribers list?  (They’ve been contacting them).

And the advertisers’ list?  (They’ve been contacting them too)

And how did they get contributions that had been submitted to ACM prior to the Administration?  (They’ve published them in Simply Sewing, without getting any sort of approval from the designers).  Do they really think we believe that the past editor of one of the magazines, who resigned as she hadn’t been paid for about 4 months, would have willingly allowed her name to be associated with this new incarnation?

And why was Kerrie offering people jobs on the new magazines at the beginning of June?

And why did Kerrie contact a photographer on 7th June to ask for some of her photographs to be used in the Handmade Wedding magazine? 

And why do entrants to a competition in one of the mags. have to send their entries to the old ACM offices in Essex? 



ETA:  And who registered the domain name for Simply Sewing magazine, the re-named Sew Hip?   Kerrie Rycroft (Kerrie Allman’s maiden name).  See one of the comments here for full details.

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  1. Reblogged this on Remily Knits and commented:
    Pom pom says it better than me … Kerrie Allman is up to her same old tricks. Every bit of evidence (excepting Kerrie’s word, which is worthless) points to her and her unreliable family committing new acts of deception and fraud almost directly on the heels of the collapse of ACM.

    A photographer has confirmed that Kerrie Allman contacted her on June 7th, asking to publish her photos in a wedding magazine. No payment offered, naturally — the exposure is payment enough??

    Please do not buy or contribute to Kerrie’s new magazines, published under the group name Craft Magazine Shop:
    * Handmade Weddings
    * Modern Quilting
    * Simply Sewing
    * Simply Beautiful

    • and Handmade Fashion!

  2. It’s hard to believe that there isn’t now enough evidence against this appalling person to pursue some sort of criminal or regulatory charges against her. I live in England – is there anything I can do?

  3. Simply sewing has their website advertised in the magazine as simplysewingmag.co.uk on checking the site their is no content at present. However check WhoIs to see who registered the domain name and yes you guessed it kerrie rycroft (allmans maiden name). She uses the craft magazine shop’s address!!!!!!

    A week later another site was registered simplysewingmagazine.co.uk, again no content, however this time its registered by craft magazine shop. They obviously realised their error and tried to cover their tracks – however it was too late the magazine was in print and her name is their for all to see.

    • I forgot about that! I’ll add it to the post. Thanks for the nudge.

      • And perhaps the ‘do you recognise this woman’ Jenn Smith Clarke??

  4. This is better than any soap opera. Thanks for the updates.

  5. For the sake of clarity and accuracy, I will point out one thing. In the magazine publishing world advertiser and lapsed subscriber lists are regarded as important assets of the magazine. It would be normal for those to be sold with the magazine.

    I think it is important to separate normal publishing practice from the shoddy behaviour surrounding these organisations and magazines.

    • I wasn’t aware that LAPSED subscriber lists would be part of the transaction. Thank you for pointing that out.

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