Will The Real Jenn Smith-Clarke Stand Up Too!

7 July 2012

The Editor of the Craft Magazine Shop titles (Simply Sewing, Handmade Weddings et al) is Jenn Smith-Clarke, a person previously unknown to the publishing world.  Nobody appears to know who she is and she seems slightly unsure herself, as she writes her name with and without the hyphen, and with and without the final ‘e’. 

So maybe someone out there could help her?  This is the picture that claims to be of this woman in the latest (ie first, under the new owners) issue of Simply Sewing.


If you know who this is, please tell me.  If you’d like to remain anonymous, feel free.  I have access to the email addresses of anonymous posters and will contact you. I promise not to “out” you.

Let’s put the poor woman out of her misery, shall we?  We can tell her who she is and if she ISN’T Jenn Smith-Clarke, that solves one mystery.   

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  1. Have you tried a Google Images search?


    Sorry, couldn’t create a link for the above addy.

  2. …oh, okay, automatically linked – great 🙂

  3. Are you sure this isnt a photo-shopped amamlgamated image? the eyes and hair dont look right to me.

  4. No idea myself about identity but if it’s photoshopped I would have got rid of bra/underwear showing on neckline!

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