My Life (So Far!)

18 July 2012

David and I were reflecting yesterday on our lives and whether they’d been “interesting” or not.  I’ve no idea why, but it just came up in conversation.

I thought I’d share what I thought were my “interesting” bits:

1.    I’ve lived in 18 towns and cities, and attended 6 schools.

2.    I’ve visited 23 countries.

3.    I worked for a year in Dampier, a remote company town in the far North West of Australia ( where the film Red Dog was set, incidentally).

4.    I lived (and was married) in Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.

5.    As a child and teenager, I played in a brass band – the trombone, which was a slightly odd choice for a girl at that time.

6.    Also as a child, I rang the bells at my local church – the Crooked Spire in Chesterfield, which is fairly famous (for an obvious reason – the clue is in the name!)

7.    I stood as an Independent Candidate in my local Council elections in London. 

8.    I was an extra in a film with George Lazenby, filmed in Perth and had breakfast with him (not an experience I’d wish to repeat).

9.    I’ve seen two live volcanoes (Hawai and Vanuatu).  Wonderful experience.

10.   I’ve been to the Taj Mahal.

 So they’re the first ten I could think of – not in any particular order.    


  1. You have had an interesting life!

  2. Tell us more about George….

    • Yes……..about George ! ?

  3. And that doesn’t even touch any of your knitting experiences! But I’m sure that they were wound together at different points ( no pun intended).

  4. I think everybody leads an interesting life. I guess it’s how they choose to use those experiences. You have certainly made the most of your opportunities!

    • I so agree. I find that everyone has an interesting story to tell.

  5. And I’m your sister!

    • THAT’S not very interesting!

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