“Oh, what a tangled web we weave . . . .”

25 July 2012

Is there ever going to be an end to the machinations of Kerrie Allman/KAL Media/All Craft Media/Craft Magazine Shop et al?  Well probably not in my lifetime.

Unless you’ve followed this as closely as I have, you’ve probably already lost the plot.  But let me summarise the shenanigans of the last couple of months.  

On 4th May, All Craft Media Ltd was put into Administration.  However, a few days before (30th April), Richard Rycroft (Kerrie’s father) registered the company Handmade Living Magazine Limited.  Kerrie was in the process of selling off some of the titles when the Administrators walked in and we can only assume that she intended to keep Handmade Living, hence the company formation.  But Tailor Made Publishing bought all the titles and decided to keep HML, selling off Sew Hip (now Simply Sewing), Modern Quilting, Simply Beautiful and Handmade Fashions to Derek Barnes, Trading As Craft Magazine Shop (not a limited company).  HLM Ltd could hardly trade in that name as they didn’t own the title, which is still with Tailor Made. 

Kerrie has stated publicly that she has no connection with Craft Magazine Shop, DESPITE the fact that her mother and sister work there, Kerrie offered people jobs there and she commissioned a photographer for one of the magazines at the beginning of June.  Derek Barnes doesn’t seem to exist anywhere except in her imagination.  Ditto Jenna Smith-Clarke, the Editor of a number of the magazines.

On 25th July, Handmade Living Magazine Limited changed its name to Craft Magazine Limited, still with the sole Director, Richard Rycroft.  So it looks as though this company will now be running Craft Magazine Shop.  I didn’t think it would be long before she wanted the ‘cloak’ of limited liability with her track record. 

And the whole sorry saga continues.  Remember that KAL went into liquidation in June 2011 with debts of 201,000 pounds.  And All Craft Media was put into the hands of Administrators in May 2012 with debts of more than 175,000 pounds.  She surely can’t honestly believe that this venture will be any more successful than her previous ones.  And she certainly won’t want to cover that level of debt PERSONALLY. 

I always have stuck in my head a couple of comments I’ve received here on this subject.  Lynne quoted Sir Walter Scott with “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive” and my sister, Judith, said “It all sounds too complicated to me.  Why doesn’t she just get a proper job and sleep well at night”.

Why not indeed, Judith?  Many designers, writers and printers would also get a better night’s sleep.   

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  1. Derek Barnes was the name of one of the publishers of the first publishing company I ever worked for, Romsey Publishing, which was later sold to Archant, where DB is still publishing director. I suspect (the real) Derek Barnes has nothing to do with this venture.

    • The Archant publishing Derek Barnes certainly denies that he is THE Derek Barnes and I tend to believe him. Why on earth would he get entangled in this mess?

  2. My friend did indeed have her pattern accepted and printed in the first Modern Quilting magazine. She posted a few days ago that sadly her bag had still not been returned and posted yesterday that she had an email saying it was coming. Fingers crossed!

  3. Just back from the UK, I was trawling through knitting magazines, and there was a ‘new’ one: Yarnwise. In the editorial, it stated it used to be the knitting magazine from this lot.

    • The staff of Yarnwise have stated that the magazine is now nothing to do with Kerrie an co. The fact that quality has improved and subscribers are getting copies promptly is a good indication this is the case.

      • I’m sorry if I haven’t made that clear. Yarnwise HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KERRIE. It’s owned now by Tailor Made Publishing. The quality as you say has much improved, subscribers are getting copies on time and designers ARE BEING PAID.

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