It Will Only End In Tears

30 July 2012

On 7th July, I published here the photo of the Editor, Jenn Smith-Clarke, taken from the last Issue of Simply Sewing .  We know that JS-C doesn’t exist (except in Kerrie Allman’s vivid imagination) and the picture isn’t of Kerrie.  So who is it?

I knew somebody, somewhere had to recognise this woman.  And you came up trumps.  It’s a picture of one of Kerrie’s cousins.

Now let me remind you of a few facts:   

Kerrie “has nothing to do with Craft Magazine Shop”.  Her mother works there, her sister works there, her father is the sole owner and director of Craft Magazine Limited, they are operating from the offices previously occupied by All Craft Media, Kerrie offered people jobs with this new business, she’s contacted contributors to magazines owned by CMS and she’s using a photograph of her cousin, who to the best of my knowledge is NOT the Editor of any of these magazines (and if she were, why wouldn’t she use her own name?).    

As my mother was fond of saying “It will only end in tears”.  I just hope that the tears are Kerrie’s and not those of her staff, designers, printers and subscribers.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not a relative of Kerrie’s. If I were going to live a fictitious life, it would be one where I wasn’t going to crash and burn. I feel the sorriest for the designers and subscribers, they’ll never see any money. I like your Mother’s saying “It will only end in tears”.

  2. The other worry is that is is not just one person but family are seeming to allow themselves to be embroiled. Are they implicated as well or just gullible?

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