10 August 2012

Since my last post on this subject, a number of others have joined in the Ravelry thread pointing out the inadequacies of Kylie’s business model.  She responded by saying that she’s truly dreadful at customer service.  A strange comment – and it made me wonder why she thought this was a suitable career choice.  She also claimed that she wasn’t “in business”  – another strange comment from a woman who has been promoting her “business” for a number of years, and holds an ABN (Australian Business Number).  I posted once.

Today I’ve received a Private Message on Ravelry telling me that she’s refunded my money and I’m barred from the group.  I’m not sure why I’ve been picked out for special treatment here (if I have – I don’t know presently of anyone else who’s been barred).  But I can now go and spend my cash with a reputable “business” elsewhere. 

Her PM to me was entitled “I get it” – another oddity, because that’s the major problem.  She just doesn’t.


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  1. Dude. DUDE. How dreadful that you got barred. I personally appreciated your forthrightness and calm in the thread that’s been deleted; I thought you were courageous and really, very fair. You’re right – she doesn’t get it, and I’m glad I’ve never bought from her before. I certainly won’t be in the future.

  2. So they try to silence you again – oh they can be sooooo wrong. If they did it correctly from the start you would not need to highlight it – as we have found out before it is only those with something to hide who try to silence you – keep you the good work x

  3. I can’t say I’m impressed with her response to reasonable questions. I’m sorry to hear that she missed this opportunity to resolve the issues. Sorry too that you weren’t able to receive the wool-portion of your investment.

  4. I’ve just left a long comment over at Witty Knitter’s blog. I would like to think this whole thing has just snowballed out of control. That doesn’t excuse your barring from the group, the snide replies to people with genuine enquiries, the deletion of enquiries etc. That looks to me like more than being out of control.

    I think her reputation is in tatters and will be very hard to be regained.

  5. I have just seen there’s another thread of posters known to me and doubtless to you who are announcing that they have banned themselves before they are banned.


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