YES – It was Wrongful Trading.

26 August 2012

In case you’ve lost the plot on the KAL/ACM/CMS saga, I’ll briefly remind you that KAL Media was the company, sole Director Kerrie Allman, which went into liquidation in June 2011 (superseded by ACM, which was then superseded by CMS, the current “business”).

The liquidator of KAL has issued a report which shows the debts of this company in excess of 250,000 pounds.  He also states that as he found a “prima-facie case of wrongful trading” he has passed the matter to the Insolvency Service (they’re the UK Government department which deals with the disqualification of directors). 

I’m just hoping that the Administrators and subsequent liquidators of All Craft Media will do the same because, although Kerrie wasn’t the Director (her husband was), she ACTED as though she were a Director which is all they’re really concerned about. 

I know this isn’t much consolation to the large number of people who lost money but if it results in proper action being taken to stop this woman, it may go some way in helping. 

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  1. I can only repeat a comment from an earlier post “it’s a never-ending story”!

  2. FINALLY someone in authority acknowledges what we’ve all known for a very long time.

  3. It will interesting to see what will happen to Kerrie and all her “relatives” who held a position in her business. If they only charge the director with wrongful trading, she’ll be right back at her old tricks.

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