For Less Than One Medal …..

28 August 2012

Returning to the subject of the cost of the Olympics, is anyone able to tell me why on every street corner in Sydney there is a Paralympics Fundraiser?

While I may not be a lover of sport, I do believe that if we can spend over $300 million on the Olympics, then the Australian tax payer can stump up the full cost of sending the Paralympics sportsmen and women to London.   Apparently they have to raise $7.8 million themselves.  Why?

I’m quite sure if you did a straw poll of Australians on the subject, they would support the spending of public funds on this.  Some money comes from Federal and State Governments but not the full amount.  Why not? 

Why on earth should the Paralympics contestants have to beg for money and rely on the generosity of the Australian public?  It’s demeaning, makes them into charity cases, and is a situation we don’t inflict on our able-bodied sports people. 

I pointed out before that each medal at the Olympic Games cost the Australian taxpayer about $10 million.  For less than the cost of one medal gained there, we can give the Paralympians the full amount required and send them on their way to London with our good wishes, and their self-respect intact.


One comment

  1. I really don’t like the way Paralympians are treated as second class. A couple of hours coverage on the national network in the wee hours compared to hours and hours on a commercial station. And now fundraising? Disgraceful!

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