We Know Who You Are – But Do You?

14 September 2012

Interested to read the announcement this week of a new UK magazine, Be Creative, to be published by Claire Barzilay-Smith (previously an employee of All Craft Media) and her friend, Tallulah Ray.

Tallulah is unknown in the publishing world, as was, you may remember, Jenn Smith-Clarke until she took the helm at Modern Quilting and Simply Sewing. 

But the similarities between Jenn and Tallulah don’t stop there.

Rather strangely, they both have problems spelling their own names, a rarity I would imagine amongst educated, first-world residents.  Jenn is sometimes Jen, and the ‘e’ drops off the Clarke sometimes.  Tallulah is spelt like that on Facebook and Twitter but here she’s Talullah.

As well as not always being able to remember how to spell her name, Jenn isn’t quite sure what she looks like, and has used a photograph of Kerrie’s cousin, Nikki, in the magazines.  Tallulah is equally unsure of her identity and family circumstances.  On Facebook (which she joined only this week), Tallulah is married with 3 children and celebrates her birthday in July (date now deleted) but onTwitter (where she’s been for a few weeks), she’s a single mother of 4 children and a Gemini.

But the biggest similarity between Jenn and Tallulah can be found in the photo of her half-concealed face on Twitter. 

Yes – it’s Kerrie Allman.  As of course is Jenn Smith-Clarke.


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  1. Spelling her name incorrectly on a bio where she’s advertising her proof reading skills. The very definition of irony.

  2. And her picture all over Google searches

    • I’ve deleted the link as it didn’t work. It’s a picture of Kerrie looking in a mirror, with Tallulah Ray above it.

  3. Also, FYI…The dog in the photo of twitter for ‘Tallulah Ray’ is that of the sales lady for SS! UH, OH.

    How very funny.

  4. This woman never gives up.

  5. WOW! As someone who got ill with stress in 2007 over how I was treated by a certain someone, I’m not sure if I feel happy that this has all confirmed that it wasn’t my fault or upset for everyone else who has come up against the same issues!

  6. I also feel partly responsible because it was myself & the aforesaid certain someone who started the very 1st mag, YF. I did the majority of the work, whilst trying to do my degree & was completely shafted and taken for granted. It was me though who said I’d help with the 1st issue so perhaps if I hadn’t agreed, all these big ideas would have stayed ideas rather than upset so many people over the years.

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