That Mad Knitting Woman

6 October 2012

Did any of you happen to see a woman behaving rather oddly with a ball of yarn on a Sydney train on Wednesday evening?

She dropped the ball from her bag as she was getting on and the doors closed behind her.  The wool was still attached to the knitting.  So she spent the next 10 minutes or so pulling it through the crack in the door until she had a huge pile of yarn at her feet.  The other passengers found it highly amusing.

Well, I had to either try to recover it or just cut my losses – and the wool.  I assumed it would have got caught up somewhere outside but it obviously just trailed along the railway track.

And, yes, of course it was me.


  1. I take another line to you. Did anyone take a photo? What a laugh and a good story for onlookers.

  2. At least you still had your handiwork. I dropped a completed, intricately patterned sock in luxury wool from my lap at Penrith station when I stood up to board train. I had been comparing nearly completed mate to the first one.

    It was gone forever and the loss completed a horrible day after a visit to my solicitor out there.

    • I think that would have broken my heart!

  3. Does the yarn now need a good wash?

    • Strangely, it didn’t seem at all dirty. I expected it to be covered in filth and grease. But I will wash it.

  4. So glad, and surprised, at a complete recovery!

  5. I can’t believe it didn’t get caught up on something and pull your project out the door also. I wish there had been a picture, but I am glad the wool wasn’t in bad shape when you retrieved it. Maybe it could be a commercial for the wearability of wool.

  6. Haha! Oh, goodness, I can picture this and it would end in a tangled mess and a tantrum had it been me – well done for saving your yarn!

  7. I’m going to be the mad knitting woman on Millionaire hotseat next Tuesday (the 16th) night. When I went in for the recording I knitted to keep the nerves at bay and the producers wanted to know if I could do it on air while answering questions… so I did. Confused the heck out of Eddie though!

  8. Well saved!

  9. You are so funny! I’m glad it ended well!

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