RIP Simply Sewing Magazine?

7 October 2012

The rumours have been circulating that Craft Magazine Shop is no longer to publish Simply Sewing.  So far there’s no official confirmation of this but Issue 45 is over two weeks late, there is no mention of it on the CMS website, nor the option to take out an annual subscription to the mag, only to buy back-issues.  Queries via Twitter and other online forums are unanswered.

I think we can deduce from this that the rumours may be circulating but the magazine isn’t, which once again leaves a lot of subscribers out of pocket.

So if you have a current subscription to the magazine, do please COMPLAIN! 

Phone the CMS telephone number (0207 458 4420), and don’t be fobbed off.  Are they going to honour these subscriptions or not?  if your subscription was taken out with a 3rd party company, like Newsstand, contact them.  If you paid by Paypal or Credit Card, contact them.  Incidentally the address in Huntingdon on the CMS website is a postal address only – no staff work from there – so there’s no point in turning up and demanding a refund.

I’m not sure what’s happened to Handmade Weddings and Handmade Fashions but no subscription options are available for them either.  Modern Quilting is still apparently being published so if you want to buy a subscription donate money to the Allman/Rycroft retirement fund. go right ahead.  But please don’t say you weren’t warned.

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  1. That tangled web is surely big enough!

  2. I got an email saying they’d changed printers and were sending copies out in the next 10 days, so we shall see…..

    • Thanks for letting me know this. Changed printers again, eh?

  3. It started out good. I was buying it month to month from a newsagent. But just after I subscribed each edition got worse, less content more ads, rubbish content and then finally so many lies…missing, resending, delayed, changed printers, delayed printing, suddenly online only (not what I paid for) and finally disappeared. The only thing it has done has made me never again subscribe to anything.

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