Knitting On The Train … No. 2

9 October 2012

Telling the story a few days ago of how I recovered a ball of wool through the closed doors of a train, reminded me of another incident involving me, my knitting and a train.

About a year ago, I was knitting a sock on my way to work.  Now if you’re not a knitter you may not know that involves using 4 or 5 needles (depending on preference).  The kind that are pointy at both ends.  I was using KnitPro needles (5 of them) and they come in packs of 6 (well, they’re easy to lose). I had a small bag with my knitting and its 5 needles, and the spare needle.

When I got up to leave the train, I was surprised to see one of the needles on the seat.  I had 5 in my knitting so presumed that this one had fallen out of my bag, but couldn’t imagine how that happened as the bag appeared to be sealed.   Anyway I was glad I noticed it, grabbed it and just shoved it in my handbag as I didn’t want to mess around opening my knitting bag.  

Later that evening, I got my knitting bag to continue the sock while watching television and remembered the spare that was in my handbag.  But I had 6 needles in my knitting bag so I now had SEVEN.

The needle obviously wasn’t mine.  It was the same make, even the same size (2.25mm) so someone else had probably been knitting a sock on the train. 

Coincidence, eh?


  1. That’s a good one with a happy ending for you. I wonder if this story will flush out the person who lost it?

  2. Have you ever noticed anyone else knitting on your train? One time I was knitting at my cousins house and eventually we went to bed. The next morning I got up and left to catch a plane home. I had packed carefully so as to have the right knitting option for my 4 hour flight. On the bus ride to the airport, I noticed I was missing 1 of my 2 US size 6 needles I needed for the scarf I was working on. When I got to the airport I was rearranging my suitcase and carryon to replace the scarf with another project. I’m sure people were thinking I was nuts as clothes and ziplock baggies were falling out all over. The needle ended up being between the cushions of my cousins house. I guess knitters leave good things behind in many ways!

  3. Yes a coincidence… I once lost a 2.25mm knit pro needle on the train while on the way to work. I think it was a bit longer than a year ago though. Spooky!

    • You’re the second person now to tell me that you lost a 2.25mm Knitpro on a Sydney train. Occupational hazard I suppose!

  4. Perhaps the person who lost it will hear the story and smile!

  5. I haven’t (yet) lost needles as I’m knitting about town but I did (unknowingly) end up trailing behind me the last few yards of one of the yarns I was knitting with as I walked around the Winter Street Fair. I became aware of the trailing yarn when someone stepped on it and brought me up short. They hadn’t even realized that they were standing on the tail end and I had to ask them to step off so I could gather my yarn to move on.

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