Not Dead … Just Resting

27 October 2012

The subscribers to Simply Sewing Magazine have now been informed that it will no longer be available in print format, just digitally.   The cynic in me thinks that maybe this is because they can’t actually find a printer who’s willing to work for them. 

And to prove that it’s now digital, it would appear to be available to all and sundry on their website.  So you don’t even have to pay for it.  I presume that’s another of their sloppy mistakes and it won’t be there for long but in the meantime, it makes interesting reading here.

Firstly, the magazine doesn’t appear to have an Editor.  Jenn Smith-Clarke probably left the building at the same time as Kerrie Allman (well, they’ve never been seen in the same room together). 

Secondly, it has the usual dreadful grammar and spelling mistakes (the plural of ‘passer-by’ is apparently ‘passer by’s’ according to them).

Thirdly, one article has been lifted practically word for word from Wikipedia!

And fourthly, and this is my favourite, the contents page shows the following:  “Liberty London – A look at the rise and rise of the infamous fabric emporium”.  Infamous??  I read the article but was unable to find any reference to notoriety or disrepute. 

No wonder they’re now giving it away – who would pay good money for this rubbish?

And on another, related, subject – Craft Magazine Shop in its short trading life has already had a County Court Judgement awarded against it. 

There’s no stopping them, is there? 

ADDED:  I see that “infamous” has now been changed to “famous”.  Maybe Liberty’s objected to that description? 

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  1. Well, here’s another cynic re paying printers. I looked through that online site. Rubbish mostly. Possible plagiarism too.I can understand subscribers feeling ripped off by having it freely available online, at least so far, but really, the quality of most of it and the presentation is a rip-off in the first place. If other issues were like this, they were not getting value for their subscription.

  2. I had trouble getting it to cooperate on my iPad but I wasn’t really interested in reading it anyway!

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