You Have A Blog, Kerrie – Use It

3 November 2012

I was recently approached by Tallulah Ray (aka Kerrie Allman) who suggested that I be willing to send her 10 questions which she’d answer, and I’d post her responses here.  She complained that I’d never asked her for her comments.

I toyed with this idea for a while (well, there are loads of questions I’d like answered) but decided that this would serve no useful purpose. 

Kerrie has the same access to the internet as I do, and doesn’t need me to facilitate that access.  She has her own blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, for a start.  There are too-many-to-count blog posts about her, together with knitting, sewing and quilting forums, not to mention publishers’ and printers’ websites, where her business activities have been discussed.  If any of what I or others have written is not factually correct, she has always been free to put the record straight but chose not to do so. 

As Kerrie now seems keen to answer her critics, I suggest she does it in her OWN internet space, and I’ll do what I can to make sure this is widely circulated so that everyone has the opportunity of reading “the other side of the story”.    

Over to you now, Kerrie. 

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  1. Nice way of handling it, my friend.

  2. Very diplomatic!

  3. Nice one.

    Kerrie’s had since February and Ricogate to make a real effort, without histrionics, to put across her side of the story and smooth over relations with the customers she has made it clear she holds in very low esteem. Whether she can do this without belittling or trying to implicate other people remains to be seen.

  4. Hello, I was asked to send in an article and agreed to do this purely for the exposure, on the understanding further articles would be paid for. I suspect other The other “makes” available in my on-line book may well have been used elsewhere.
    Although I have been in business designing and making for years, and recently opened a large workroom to run classes from, I had no idea that people could be so dishonourable. What a shame..

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