Well, Like, I’m Kinda Like, You Know …..

6 November 2012

St Johns College, the 150 year old Catholic college at Sydney University, is in deep trouble again.  I won’t go into all the details here but it involves disgusting initiation ceremonies for new students and the dreadful way they treat the female students.  There’s a pretty good account of it here.

The college is quite naturally concerned that parents won’t want their children to enrol there so last night, on the ABC’s Lateline news programme, they put forward a first-year female student to assure people that it’s really not like that at all. 

This is what she said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“It’s definitely not what it’s like inside those walls”, Georgie told Lateline.

“I’m a fresher there and, like, I’ve never been intimidated or forced into drinking anything as they say. Like, all the rituals have been ruled out and all that kind of stuff.  Like, the leaders of this college, like, they always sit us down, they’re like ‘you’re never forced into anything and all that kinda stuff’ ”

And now we learn she’s not a first-year, but a third year student who sits on the 2012 House Committee, whatever that is.

I certainly wouldn’t want any child I know to attend this college but not just because of the violence.  If the student they hand-pick to face the media is so inarticulate and unable to construct a proper sentence, what are the rest of the students like?



  1. Well, like, Sally, like, well, you know!

  2. Give her a break, Sally. LOL. She’s a a third year, graduating senior in Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science. (quote from SMH). I think she’s managed very well with that quote. It must have been hard work to put so many words together, like.

  3. Actually the whole thing stinks and has done since I was at uni back in ancient history.

  4. A world-wide problem. A couple of years ago I was earwigging two Edinburgh University students on a bus. One ended her sentence – which contained 6 ‘likes’ (I counted) – with, “trouble is….I dunno if I actually, like, like him”. I gagged at that, thinking she was spoofing and she, bless her, said, “Are you, like, alright?”

  5. What is strange to me is that Rodd lived at Wesley College at Sydney Uni for many years. His parents sent him there when he was an innocent 16 year old. I’ve met many of his friends from there, and they all seem normal. So how did they not turn out to be crazy misogynistic assholes? I asked him that tonight and he pointed out that he may well have been and I just don’t know. Touché. I gather from his stories that there was a lot of drinking that went on, and that the college had quite a reputation for sport and athletics. He naturally wasn’t really part of that scene. And he was a scholarship student too, so not really one of the toffs. He doesn’t seem to have been a pariah though, and was elected Senior Student in his last year. I just don’t get it. Either that college was way different, or he’s got a lot of stories he isn’t telling me…

  6. Kris, I was at Sydney Uni many years ago. John’s and Paul’s had foul reputations, even then. I’m talking mid 1960s, an age ago. At that time there was easy access to Redfern Station from the McDonaldtown end. It’s now demolished. No girls ever walked to City Road through uni grounds after dark to go to Redfern.. We paid bus fare and went to the city. Rape was a common occurrence there then. Redfern had a bad reputation then, much worse than now, but that reputation was at least equalled by those colleges.

    The other colleges were much better regarded.

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