NO, We Are Not The 51st State . . . .

11 November 2012

Australia was more than a little surprised this week to read all over the internet comments from Republican Americans along the lines of “If Obama wins, I’m moving to Australia”.  There was even one young woman who said “I’m moving to Australia because their President is a Christian who actually supports what he says”.  (No, I’m not joking – read about it here).

We are all wondering what it is about Australia that could possibly appeal to a staunch right-winger and presume it’s none of the following:

Our Prime Minister, the highest elected politican, is a WOMAN.

She’s also an ATHEIST, and living with a man she isn’t married to.

Our Head of State, the Queen, is obviously a woman, as is her representative in Australia, the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce (though that wouldn’t be so obvious to anyone who hasn’t seen her as her name is a bit confusing).

We have strict gun-control laws.

We have universal healthcare.

We teach evolution to our children.

We have easy access to contraception.

We have mandatory voting.

The list is endless.

But one thing we don’t have is an open border.  So the chances of any of these idiots actually being allowed to move here is pretty remote. 




  1. {wry grin} I wouldn’t wish them on you either.

    Oddly enough, I also saw a “51st State” headline but it pertained to a vote on Statehood in Puerto Rico. I missed the one you’re referencing.
    I did see a tweet from Canada similar to your blog post – indicating the Republicans were supposedly considering moving to Canada because the Democrats won. {sigh}

    Ironically – a few years ago, I had some friends plotting to move to a Caribbean if Bush won a second term.

    As an American, I am proud of my country, our Democracy, and of the good we have accomplished but I also recognize that we could (and should) do better. Our growth seems so slow to me (I grew up with “Star Trek” and thought we’d be more socially advanced & accepting by now!).

    I do admire many aspects of both Australia and Canada. If I had to pick another country in which to live, I would choose to move to one of those countries (if they’d have me). Although our growing pains shame me, I think we Americans can and will do better.

    So, I won’t be invading Australia or Canada.

    Besides, the guy I voted for won, so I’m not planning to move away in a huff. 😉

  2. D’you think its because photos often make Aus look like the West (as in ‘how the west was won’ etc)? Most peculiar.

  3. I wish we could get your post on the front page of the New York Times. But then Republicans would just change the name of the country they are going to flee to. And I’m pretty sure they would not have a clue why they would be choosing that country either. I appreciate your list and I am sure it could go on and on. I am an American (not commited to a specific political party) and am embarrassed by the recent (last 4 years) conduct of our country. As a Democracy, our elections put politicians into positions of leadership. But lobbying influences how the politicians support and oppose those positions. Since Republicans have most of the money in our country, many Democratic solutions are squashed before they are given a chance. I am not sure how well President Obama’s ideas would have worked because so many of his ideas were blocked by the Republican Party. They actually made statements of their intent to make his Presidency fail. If they were, in my mind, true Americans, they would have tried to help solve the nation’s problems. Instead, they focused on making him look bad. One such statement being that if we choose universal healthcare that it will be our first step in becoming a socialist society. Not to mention the fact that there are hundreds (literally) of threats to his life every week. Our recent election campaigning budget exceeded 6 billion US dollars, which would have been bad enough if that amount was spent on actually telling us exactly what they could do or try. But instead, most of those dollars were used to blame the other side for what hasn’t been done and making statements that were incredibly false. This, to me, is appalling with the amount of debt we have and the number of poor in our country. An absurd waste of money. Greed and capitalism have ruined the American Dream as being something that everyone has an opportunity to achieve. And those who have achieved their dream feel that anyone in need is lazy and not worthy of help. I know these are generalizations and not totalistic, but there is enough of it to be very discouraging. Also, the lack of respect for each other is absolutely childish. We have a very long road to travel to get back to the “melting pot” we should and could be, but for your sake, I am glad you are not the 51st state. And thank you for being a country that shows a good example as to how society can work for all the people.

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