Thank You For Your Comment

21 November 2012

I’ve received the following comment on my last blog post from Claire Smith.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Claire. Smith is my married name, the surname that my daughter also holds. Barzilay is my maiden name. So understandably for social sites, I clump them together to make Claire Barzilay-Smith. I don’t have to explain that do I? I am hoping you are intelligent enough to understand the reasons behind the two names.
If I had a £ for every ”can you spell that for me please”, I would be very rich.

I am wanting to say thank you to you by the way. All this press you keep giving to us, good or bad, is making people want to know more. Which is brilliant. We have had more hits on Truffle in its first few days, (without me even having to do the marketing side), than I could ever dream of. Wicked. Go Truffle! (Printers name, will be on the printed version. No need for the digital download. Obviously).
And just to keep myself at your level for a minute. English grammar. Have you spotted your mistake yet? Easily done!

I don’t want you to stop what your doing by the way. Like I said, it was just a thank you for now. Oh, and you have said that you don’t know what has happened to Be Creative magazine, as we said on Facebook…. Be Creative is a blog for Claire and I to share some of our thoughts and beliefs on creativity. We will be putting together a digital FREE crafty magazine but probably not until next year. Until then we hope you’ll join us here and on the blog and share your creative creations with us. x …so nothing yet.

I understand you don’t live in Saffron Walden, Bishop’s Stortford or Stansted. Even the UK. So if you want to be kept in the loop. Please e-mail me. I will forever keep, interested parties in the loop.

As always, I will look forward to reading your thoughts. Take care.”

No, Claire, I wasn’t confused about your name or suggesting you were hiding under a nom-de-plume.  I was purely pointing out that you were the same person I’d referred to in an earlier post, when I’d used your full name.  I AM confused though by your referral to “Be Creative is a blog for Claire and I …..”  Is there another Claire, or did Kerrie write this?  (And, putting on my proof-reading hat,  it should be “Claire and me” by the way,)  

Your Be Creative blog mentions a monthly magazine from the end of October.  As we are now approaching the end of November, I naturally wondered what had happened to it.

Thank you for your comment.

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  1. If you’re going to correct someone for correcting your grammar, you should make sure that your grammar is correct:

    “I don’t want you to stop what your doing by the way”

    Surely that should be you’re?

  2. Like I said” ??? tut tut.

    “I will forever keep, interested parties…” Why the comma there?

  3. Ha! I spotted the grammar error, but I wasn’t the first to do so!

  4. There are a fair few other grammar corrections needed in Claire’s comments. The following are just a few examples:
    The following sentences do not require a comma: “Printers name, will be on the printed version.” “I will forever keep, interested parties in the loop.”
    The following is not a sentence; it is a fragment and should not stand alone: “English grammar.”

    An occasional error is human. I would however be ashamed to write a short section of text with so many errors.

  5. Is it wise for someone with a weak grasp of grammar and punctuation to attempt to succeed in journalism or publishing? She may have a case against her school careers advisor.

  6. Someone totally needs to read Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Like, immediately, Dude.

  7. Thank you, for coming back to me. I actually really appreciate it.
    I have never said I am perfect. We all make silly mistakes. I wish I didn’t. But I hold my hands up. I do! I am so much better on the phone! Promise.
    So Judith, I am sure my old English teacher would definitely ‘tut’ a few times. But I do know she is proud of me. I was always known as the ‘wild card’. I will always work hard. And keep a roof over my child’s head!

    And like you have pointed out, I am just the girl who brings in the adverts. It pays the bills!

    I didn’t write the blog piece, or the Facebook write up, your right. So however many Claire’s there are, that is me! Truffle, has taken over a bit. But I love the creative world. So I am hoping I can still participate in that, when it is ready.

    Take care.

    • YOUR is the possessive case of the word YOU used as an attributive adjective.
      YOU’RE is a contraction of the second person pronoun YOU and the verb ARE, the second person singular of the verb BE.

    • You’re just the girl who brings in the ads? Kerrie/Tallulah/Jenn said you were the boss. So just who is running Truffle?

  8. Claire, I do hope you have not invested any of your own money in this or signed up to any credit, because if you have it won’t matter how hard you have worked you might find yourself without a roof over your head.

    Please do everybody in the crafting world a favour and stay away from that area, too much trouble has been caused already and too much debt accumulated, much of which is owed to honest, genuine, hard-working people who have done nothing to deserve it.

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you for your reply. I don’t and never will want to start any type of discussion about anyone in my life, or a hate campaign. I just wanted to introduce myself.

      My involvement in my working world is just advertising. A hard job. But something I enjoy.

      I cant promise I will stay away from the crafting world, as I love it. In my own time I restore furniture.
      Anyway, I feel like I am giving you my life story. So I will stop now.
      But I do hope that all have commented, understand why I have come by and said hello. I have nothing to hide. Again I am not perfect and I am not ashamed of who I am.

  9. “But I love the creative world. So I am hoping I can still participate in that, when it is ready.”
    I’m a bit confused… you are waiting for the creative world to be ready for you? Just do it! Nothing is waiting for you; you have to make your mark. And, a word of advice: it’s good to do it with people you can rely on. Or maybe you mean that you are waiting for Truffle to be ready, that it is the thing that will allow you to participate in the creative world. I’m sorry, I don’t think that an advertising magazine can really be described as ‘creative’. But that’s just my opinion. Furniture restoring is creative; good luck with that.

  10. we thank you.

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