Just To Prove (Part V)

9 December 2012

Last year, I posted some photos I found at my mother’s house after she died ……. just to prove that I had been young once. They were taken at different times between the ages of 17 and 21, and I had some lovely comments from people.

I’ve found some more of me, slightly older, so thought I’d put another one “out there”.  This was taken when I was 26/27 by a professional photographer friend who wanted to try out a new camera (well, that’s what he told me).  Very posed!  I can’t remove it from the album without tearing it, so have had to scan as is. 


What I find interesting is that I can now see family resemblances which I didn’t notice at all when I was younger. 


  1. Sally, such a beautiful you! Now I have to search the archives to find the previous “Just to Prove” posts since I wasn’t on board back then. It is funny how we notice things like family resemblances that we just didn’t see before. Thank you for sharing your lovely photograph.

  2. It appears the “new” camera worked fine. ‘Tis a nice photo (though I prefer the ones where you’re smiling at your wedding).
    Oddly enough, my resemblance to my mother was quite striking at our very young ages and now, when I am achieving her older years age (and look). Not so much on the in between years.

  3. What a gorgeous photo!

  4. That’s a gorgeous picture!

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