The End Of The Year Is Nigh

29 December 2012

As this year comes to an end, I’m left with so many questions..  If you can supply an answer to any or all of them, do please let me know.

1.     How many times will the end of the world be predicted in 2013? 

2.     Will anyone produce an epic, box-office hit film in 2013 that I actually enjoy?

3.     When US citizens exercised their “right” to own a semi-automatic weapon, what did they intend to use it for when they bought it? 

4.     Will I ever learn to use a camera properly and put up photographs of my finished knitting, both here and on Ravelry?

5.     What is it about Christmas Day that makes some people want to go swimming in freezing cold water?

6.     Will I actually knit something in 2013 that both looks good and fits me (2012 has been a dreadful year for my knitting mojo)?

7.     Will we ever see another copy of Simply Sewing, Modern Quilting or Simply Beautiful?  Or have these magazines disappeared into the pit that contains the rest of Kerrie Allman’s failures? 

8.     Will the people who still believe that thousands of scientists around the world got together to conspire to make up a story about man-made climate change (in order to get research funding?) finally see sense?

9.     Will Sydney’s New Years Eve fireworks this year be the “biggest display ever” as they have been advertised for the previous 10 New Years Eves that I’ve spent in Sydney?    

10.    And finally – I started this blog when I was press-ganged into it by so many of my friends who also had blogs.  That was nearly six years ago.  Why have so many of these friends stopped blogging and I’ve continued?  Is it because I’m really opinionated and rarely run out of things to talk about?  (No need to answer this one!)

Happy New Year!  I hope 2013 is a wonderful one for all my friends here.   


  1. Happy New Year to you also! Those are very good questions. Even if we gave our answers, I doubt those that reference others would be heard or noticed by them. As for you knitting mojo and your picture taking ability; I think 2013 will be a much better year. Cheers to you! And I for one, am glad that you are still blogging!

  2. Happy new year, Sally, even if you do insist on having it earlier than the rest of us. Keep on keeping on – you are never less than interesting – even to a non-knit.

    • Thanks, Reg. I just knew I wouldn’t have time to blog anything else this side of 2013. Happy New Year!

  3. Opinionated…? You? Talkative…? Never! I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve asked me, “How come your sister’s so shy?” Happy new year! XXX

    • That’s really strange because people ask me the very same about you! Happy New Year to you too. xxxxxx

  4. I wasn’t one of the press gang although I have been around since the beginning and, like you, am still here!

    • I think there is just you and two other friends who still have their blogs, thank goodness!

  5. Many good questions, ma’am. Short of the power to control/improve limited minds, I’m not sure there’s a great deal we can to about some of the above except…voting. And Education. And…hmm – I’m going to stop there and retain my sense of humor.

    Thank ye, ma’am, for blogging and for your good sense – and for Your sense of humor.

    Of your list, I submit that the project-picture taking might be the easiest to address. When I was gifted with my current camera (Sony Cyber shot) I took pictures of my feet on each setting to get an idea of how they’d look. ({grin} How the pictures/settings would look – I’m pretty familiar with my feet.) It’s like swatching. It can seem to be a bit of a drag when we’d like to jump into the knitting, but a bit more familiarity with the “tools” helps with the project.
    I also submit that your knitting mojo may have seemed to be absent but your creative side may have just been applied to another aspect of your life.

    Here’s to 2013 – an odd year with great potential and new things to show us. May it be more fun, hope-fulfilled, more healthy, and blessed with more laughter and accomplished goals (and blogs).

  6. I can’t speak for Americans, but in Canada, one generally acquires a semi-automatic rifle in order to compete in service rifle competitions (many, but not all, competitors are current or former military or police), and a pistol is also often acquired for competitions; men and women compete together in both disciplines. I’m not a hunter, so I don’t know offhand if semi-auto shotguns are legal for hunting, but plenty of people use them for sporting clays.

    In Canada, a criminal record check is part of getting a permit to acquire firearms, along with basic written and firearms handling tests, and you have to renew the permit periodically. I won’t claim that the tests are difficult to pass, but they should at least weed out most people who shouldn’t be trusted with power tools, let alone a firearm. In theory, your character references and ex-partners are phoned before your licence is issued (there’s a spot for current partners to sign the application, and maybe former partners as well). You can’t legally buy a gun or ammunition without showing your possession & acquisition licence. I wouldn’t expect a lot of suicidal people to answer “yes” to the “are you suicidal?” question on the application, but there are plenty of methods that don’t involve waiting weeks to months for paperwork to be processed.

    I don’t think I would buy a fully automatic firearm if they were legal here. I’m sure I have sane friends of both genders who would buy a full auto if they were legal here and they could afford it – on the other hand, I’m fairly sure that these same friends would take a semi- over a full auto if they couldn’t have both.

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