Just Take Two Tree Trunks …..

10 January 2013

Another wonderful knitting story – this time at Men’s Fashion Week in London.   Yes – MEN’S Fashion week.

Go to the Daily Mail website for more pictures – scroll down for the knitting.



  1. Goodness! They cannot be serious?

  2. But where would you wear it in Hobart?

  3. Gaaaahhhhhh! What size were the needles? Broomstick?
    No wonder the model’s hiding his face.

  4. {Having a hard time getting past the giggles to type}.
    Maybe it’s their first knitting project? 😉

    Oh, wait. I just surveyed the article from whence the above picture came.
    There are no words to describe the rest of the runway offerings in that article. {Well, there’s more giggling.}

    It’s no use…I am truly “Fashion Challenged” and incapable of seriously appreciating runway fashion as actual clothing options.
    Maybe if we just view it as “Performance Art”?

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