How Much???

25 January 2013

Do (non-knitting) friends, acquaintances and complete strangers tell you how you could make a lot of money selling your knitting? 

Do people, sometimes passing acquaintances, ask (sometimes demand) that you knit something for them?

I had someone recently admire a pair of socks I’d knitted for David and she asked me how long it took.  I said that it was about 20 hours knitting.  Without blinking, she then asked if I’d knit her a pair.  I’m lucky to have very good friends I’d feel comfortable going to if I needed a favour.  Even if that favour took half an hour of their time.  But I’m not sure if I could approach someone and ask them to do me a favour that would take 20 hours!  Pushing the friendship a bit, I think.

The two knitters who write the Yarn Floozies blog have produced a wonderful Knitting Time Calculator for just such an occasion.  I love the fact that it has a surcharge for knitting with acrylic and a discount for using cashmere! 

And I noticed that 20 hours is what they quote for sock knitting – I’ve often wondered how long other knitters take.  So if I charged $275  for a pair, I could just about make Australian minimum wage and cover the cost of the yarn. 

Now all I need to do is find people willing to pay $275 for a pair of socks and I’ll get knitting. 



  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sell socks for $275! I don’t think that turning a heel would ever bother me again. I’ve helped other knitters for 3 or 4 hours at a time and didn’t mind it at all. But they never asked me to knit the item for them. I think learning to knit or crochet should be a required course in school so that people realize what it takes to finish something.

  2. My sister calls the socks I knit for her, “My $300 socks” so I know she appreciates them.

  3. Me too! Similarly, my sister looked a bag I had made in my sewing class, and even though she’d been told that it had taken several weeks and was quite tricky to make, she still suggested I start selling some on Ebay! She crochets so she should know better!

  4. I started giggling with your post and progressed to laughing out loud when viewing the “Knitting Time Calculator”! It is excellent and I thank you for both your blog and the link! I have been learning {slowly} who of my loved ones is “knit-worthy”. The circle of people for which I will expend time knitting is getting smaller. I am learning which folks require acrylic vs wool, who can handle must-be-blocked items, and who will learn quickly to keep the hand-knits away from the dog/kids. {sigh}
    The smaller knit-circle means I might actually complete knitted stuff for me (!) and the Knitting Time Calculator will be a fun educational/training tool for all of us!

  5. Sally, I am sure you would offer a “mates rate”. For me you’d only charge $270?

    • What sort of friend do you think I am?? I’d be honoured to knit you a pair, and happy to accept only $250.

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