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2 February 2013

You just couldn’t make this up.  I know I’ve said that before and I have a feeling that I’ll probably say it again. 

On 1st February, the following email was sent to subscribers of Modern Quilting.

Dear Subscriber

Modern Quilting Magazine

It is with regret I have to inform you that on 10th December 2012 Craft Magazines Ltd ceased trading as we had insufficient funds to pay our bills or to carry on trading.

We wrote to all our trade creditors giving them 30 days to accept the situation or to petition the courts to force us into liquidation at their own cost, which has not happened.

We have during this period been actively trying to get another publisher to take over the magazine, but as yet no one as been prepared to do this, although we will continue to try and find someone.

If anyone would be interested in taking over Modern Quilting Magazine or wishes to contact me please do so at the above address, as we have ceased trading this email address is not monitored on a regular basis.

Kind Regards

Richard Rycroft


Craft Magazines Ltd

Simply Sewing, Modern Quilting, Simply Beautiful

The first phrase that shot out of the page to me was “we wrote to all our trade creditors”.  No they didn’t.  I know two people who are owed substantial amounts by this company who knew nothing of this until yesterday.

The second interesting point is the date – 10th December.  On 11th December, Simply Beautiful started tweeting again, after a long absence, to say that a new issue was coming soon.  In the last week, they’ve said that it’s at the printers and will be distributed next week.  In the last 24 hours they’ve declared that they’re under new ownership, with a new editor.  But Richard Rycroft (who is Kerrie Allman’s father) still has that magazine listed under his name on the letter.  If they’ve sold it, I hope they got a substantial amount which they can use to pay their creditors.   I think it’s just been “passed on” to interested family members.  Same people, new names is their usual modus operandi.

And thirdly, what has happened to Simply Sewing?  Their subscribers haven’t received an email and CM Ltd don’t appear to be looking for a buyer.  

So once again, subscribers find themselves in the position of having no magazine and no refund.  However, CM Ltd hasn’t gone into liquidation or been put into Administration, so they can’t currently be absolved from all their debts by just saying they’ve “ceased trading”. 

That now brings us to THREE companies that have folded in TWENTY MONTHS.  Kal Media Ltd – In Liquidation June 2011.  All Craft Media Limited – In Administration May 2012, Craft Magazine Shop, which then became Craft Magazine Limited – Ceased trading December 2012.

I don’t think anyone is in any doubt that the blame for all these debts and mayhem can be laid squarely at the feet of one Kerrie Allman (AKA Tallulah Ray and Jenn Smith-Clarke).  But her response is little more than “Poor me; how I’ve suffered”. She has at least admitted publicly that she’s made a few mistakes.   

We’ve all “made a few mistakes” in our lives.  But that phrase hardly covers the lies, the debts and the deceit that this woman has left in her wake over the last 7 years.  

(And if you live in the Bishops Stortford area and are vaguely interested, the 2nd issue of Truffle Magazine is also at the printers, so you can expect to see that about Easter, if the distribution of their Christmas issue is any indication of their delivery scheduling) 

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  1. Hi there, I appreciate you may not like me coming over and leaving a comment, so I will try and keep it short.

    I would like to answer some of your concerns, by pointing out some facts.

    Truffle magazine is FREE, no subscription fees.
    Feature writers have been kind enough to offer their words for free.
    Truffle magazine have paid any invoices up front.
    Issue 1 of Truffle magazine was delivered by hand before Christmas.
    A hundred or so of Truffle magazine were delivered by hand, in Stansted, by my friends son after Christmas.
    I called Sophie, she asked if I had any left of that issue and could I post it to her. I did, by hand. The same day.

    I personally had to make the decision to shelve the next issue of Truffle because I had a health scare, just a few days before Christmas. I am 9 months into remission.
    But I refuse to let Cancer take over my life. I am hopefully winning the battle.
    All my advertisers and contributors know this. And have carried on supporting Truffle magazine.

    Issue 2 is at the printers.

    Kerrie Allman does not own Truffle magazine.
    Police have been called regarding the harassment Truffle magazine is receiving and a case has been opened.
    Legal advice has been taken.
    Emails that have been sent to contributors and advertisers are illegal.
    Legal letters are being sent out to all involved.

    Truffle magazine has never hidden from anyone that Kerrie Allman is the Editor at Truffle magazine.

    As you mentioned, on the 10th of Dcember 2012 Craft Magazines Ltd ceased trading.
    From the 11th of December Simply Beautiful magazine was no longer part of Craft Magazines Ltd.
    Kerrie Allman has no role in Simply Beautiful magazine.
    Simply Beautiful magazine will be making a formal announcement by the end of the week.
    A new web-site address has been purchased.
    If your name is on the list of subscriptions for Simply Beautiful magazine, you will receive the new issue next week. If subscribers of Simply Beautiful want to keep receiving the quarterly printed version, Simply Beautiful will send out future issues, to all subscribers that have paid the old owners and will not ask for any extra fees to do so.
    All contributors and advertisers know this. And have carried on supporting Simply Beautiful.
    Simply Beautiful will announce the new web-site address on Twitter.

    Not so short. Sorry.

    If there is anything you would like to know, about me and me alone then please ask.
    Again I will not be part of any hate campaign. Personally or professionally.
    One more thing on a personal note, because of what I have been through, I have a non-paid advert in Truffle for a Cancer charity, please do not question any reader that might want to make a donation. This is too close to me. The work they do is mind blowing.


    • Claire, May I firstly point out that this is not about YOU. My desire is purely to stop Kerrie Allman from ever again being in a position where she can obtain money from unsuspecting customers and businesses. You have written more on my blog about you than I have ever done.

      Secondly, if you and Kerrie wish to air details of your personal and private life in public that is of course your affair. You may not have noticed that those details are never discussed here. Kerrie’s BUSINESS activities are the only ones of interest to me.

      Thirdly, I have not written to any Truffle advertisers or contributors although I’m at a loss to understand why that would be considered illegal.

      Fourthly, I have never HARASSED Truffle Magazine – I’m not even sure what that means or how one would go about harassing a magazine.

      And finally, a word of advice which you can of course take or ignore as you choose. As Craft Magazine Ltd has GIVEN Simply Beautiful to you in lieu of money owed to you, don’t forget to mention this to HMRC when you submit your next tax return.

  2. Thank you Sally.

    I understand you might think I am giving away my life story. But every time Truffle is mentioned it hurts me. Personally. I know I have no reason to think you are attacking me, I also totally understand being let down by someone has to be addressed. I will make one promise, I have no intention for Truffle to be run like a craft magazine. We don’t need to.

    You are the only writer that ever makes any sense.
    So in return I am just being as transparent with you and your readers of your blogs, as I can be.

    I also wasn’t blaming you for being involved with what’s going on with Truffle. I was just stating the facts.

    Oh, and I will take any advice on board. I am not silly enough to think I know everything there needs to know.

  3. Claire,

    What’s happening is not harassment. I don’t know whether you read the Ravelry group which comments on Kerrie’s activities but, if you do, you’ll realise the level of hurt and distress that she’s caused over and over again and is still causing. The most recent developments make it look as though she has no intention of stopping or behaving any better. By spreading the word people are doing a brilliant job of helping to ensure that as few new people as possible unsuspectingly get hurt or ripped off. Kerrie may not own Truffle but, if the magazine continues its association with someone who is now notorious for having no business ethics, then to a greater or lesser extent it will be tarred with the same brush and people will be suspicious of it.

  4. This Claire may like to ponder how offensive some of us find the playing of ‘The Big C’ sympathy trump card in what is essentially a commercial issue.

    • Yep couldn’t agree more with reg. I am also in remission as it happens, but that is totally irrelevant to my professional life. I do think mentioning it (twice) in this context is just plain crass.

      Claire, I would love to think that you are planning to run Truffle in a professional way, but as long as KA is involved you must see that people will find it hard to believe that this is the case, especially in the light of the latest CMS Ltd fiasco.

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