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4 March 2013

I recently wrote about the “knock-on” effect that Knit Magazine’s yarn clubs had had on people’s willingness to risk sending money in advance for yarn and patterns that may never appear, or may not be quite as advertised.

As a result, a number of you told me about clubs you’d been really happy with.  So I mention a couple here, and will tell you about more over the next few weeks. I’m not sure that either of these two have a yarn club sign-up available at the moment, but they’re definitely worth bookmarking for the future.

The first is Blue Moon – they’re in Oregon I believe and currently have a Sock Club running for 2013.  Don’t know whether it’s still possible to join in but you’ll enjoy looking at their website anyway!    And so many people have mentioned how well their clubs are run – great yarn and patterns, all delivered on time.  

And the second today is Posh Yarn in the UK.  They don’t appear to have a club running at the moment but definitely worth checking on regularly, or asking to be added to their mailing list.  Their yarn is just beautiful and sells out as soon as it’s put into their online shop.  Joining a club would guarantee you’d be able to own some without having to join the throng on a Sunday night when the store is updated.  Deliveries are on time and it’s an excellent company to deal with.

I know of another four clubs that are regularly praised so will be back with more later. 


One comment

  1. Posh Yarn looks lovely and enticing!

    I have experienced and enjoyed the Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock club benefits in years past. Amazing patterns and unique color ways – the shipments were timely and everything arrived safely with the patterns safely tucked into a paperboard envelope (not folded/spindled/mutilated).

    I have only participated in one other club. I joined the Unique Sheep “True Color” club, planning to expand my experience with colorwork. http://theuniquesheep.com/Clubs/clubs.htm
    The yarn was tactile and lovely but I must confess I have yet to knit the patterns with the loverly yarn. Everything arrived safely, with nifty surprise items and in a timely fashion.

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