A Wise Decision

6 March 2013

I recently knitted a bolero which I’m quite pleased with but I decided that it would look better with a few ‘tweeks’.

So I re-wrote the pattern – 3ply yarn instead of 8ply, knit both the fronts together with the back to avoid side seams, and replace the ribbed hem on the sleeves with the lace edging that’s used for the borders.

Then I decided I’d enter it into the Sydney Easter Show.

HOWEVER (and you knew there had to be a “however), It was fairly slow going and I made a couple of mistakes while I was playing around with the lace edging.  I started to worry about finishing it on time.  Then I started to PANIC about finishing it on time.  I planned a timetable to ensure it was finished on time.  Then I worried about keeping to the timetable.

Then I realised something profound.  This is a knitting competition; I’m not trying to win a Nobel Prize.  And this is my hobby.  I’m not supposed to be losing sleep over it. So despite the fact that I’ve paid my $11 entry fee, my garment will NOT be delivered to the Easter Show next weekend for judging. 

Sanity prevailed.




  1. Good call. Amazing how something that you enjoy can create so much angst!!

  2. Excellent call! Knitting should not cause stress!

  3. Deadlines can definitely take the fun out of the design/creation adventure. Good choice!

  4. As Galina Khlemnova says, “eet’s only kneetting, people!”

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