Join The Club (Part 2)

7 March 2013

Another yarn club for you, highly recommended by a number of people who’ve contacted me.

The Knitting Goddess. 

From their website, it would appear that they have four clubs running at the moment and there’s some beautiful yarn there.  I particularly like the Mini-Skein Club, where you get 70gms/280m a month – and you’re only charged an extra 2 pounds for postage to Australia.

If you order from any of the clubs I mention, do let me know how happy you are with your purchase.



  1. I am a former member of one of the Knitting Goddess clubs and can certainly vouch for the great yarn and excellent service!

  2. I’ll also recommend the clubs from The Unique Sheep. I’ve done the yarn and stuff clubs (specifically, I did yarn and tea) and it was fantastic. I’ve not done any of the the KAL ones but have heard generally highly positive mutterings out of them 🙂 http://theuniquesheep.com/Clubs/sipnstitchtea5.html

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