How Was It For You?

8 March 2013

I read yesterday of another research project that showed that sex is good for a migraine.  I remember a few years ago a study that came to the same conclusion.

Have these researchers ever HAD a migraine?  I’m not a migraine sufferer as such – I used to have them occasionally but not to the extent that is suffered by some of my friends, where they vomit, can’t see properly and have to take to their beds for a couple of days. 

While they’re in their beds, sex is not really the first (or 50th for that matter) thing they’re thinking of.  If they’re thinking of anything at all.

Air moving round the room is painful enough.





  1. I had a migraine a couple of weeks ago, brought on by a 2 hour meeting in a room with with massive fumes from glue, resin, paint etc. I just made it home before collapsing. I haven’t had one like that for years and the next morning I still had it, nausea, sensitivity to light and movement etc. It took a couple of days to wear off and I know some people have them more frequently and for longer periods than mine was.

    I agree with our second last paragraph. Certainly not even the 50th thing on my mind. I’ll overlook the fact I live alone. I didn’t want my brain to have to think of anything at all and had hands over my eyes to shut out the daylight I could still sense even though eyes were closed and blinds shut etc.

  2. I have a 48hr (and counting) migraine at the moment. Any suggestion of sex may result in homicide.

    (The pain from my migraines get so bad it interferes with my sleep, I get photo sensitive, black spots in my sight and general dizziness and nausea. I deal with the pain by reading or surfing the net as a distraction, and usually end up taking prescription opiates and reading until words start walking across the page and I can sleep.)

  3. Those people have NEVER had a real, true migraine. The nausea alone is enough to make sex unlikely….the rest of the “normal” symptoms, well, they may be highly educated, but my opinion is they are also nuts.

  4. I really enjoy the randomness of your posts when you post every day. I never know what to expect (this is good!)

  5. Migraine and sex? No way, Jose! Just moving is incredibly painful!

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