Happy Mother’s Day To All UK Mothers

10 March 2013

Once, two or three years ago, I used Western Union to send money to the UK (Can’t remember why.  Banking problems I think).  I’ve never heard from them since.

On Friday, I received a ‘spam’ email from them reminding me that today (Sunday 10th) is Mother’s Day in the UK and “It’s not too late to send her a Mother’s Day gift she’ll really love”.

Yes it is.  She died nearly two years ago.  Six days after Mother’s Day actually.

I thought this was a strange email – why would they presume I HAVE a mother in the UK?  The money I sent over there wasn’t going to her and even if it were, it wouldn’t have said “Mother” anywhere.  Why would they presume I have a mother anywhere? 

But if YOU have a mother, give her a hug from me and wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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