Those Anonymous Patterns

18 March 2013

A few people have asked me lately what happened about A Guide to Knitting and A Guide to Sewing, both published by Igloo Books at the end of last year. 

You may remember that the books each contained 40 projects, there were no designers’ names attributed to these but a number of eagle-eyed people recognised some of the designs.  With the wonderful power of the internet, a small group of people tracked down all the designers, using old copies of Yarn Forward, Knit Magazine and Sew Hip, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and of course Ravelry. 

You know of course that I’m going to say that not one of these designers knew that their patterns had been published, obviously they hadn’t given permission and, even more obviously, they hadn’t been PAID.  

Igloo Books is a reputable UK publisher who has been duped.  I can only hazard a guess as to who signed the contract with them.  I don’t know when it was signed (before or after All Craft Media went into Administration).  I don’t know which company the signatory to the contract was representing – ACM Limited (Kerrie Allman’s husband’s company, run by Kerrie), Handmade Living Magazine Ltd (Kerrie’s father’s company, run by Kerrie), Craft Magazine Shop (the business launched by the late Derek Barnes, about 30 years after he died, and run by Kerrie), or Craft Magazines Ltd (which was Handmade Living Magazine Ltd after a change of name and, yes, run by Kerrie). 

But whichever one of these it was, one thing is quite clear.  Neither Kerrie nor any of these companies had title to most of the patterns they sold (I say “most” because some of the designs were by Kerrie herself).

Igloo Books is making reparation to the designers involved (except, presumably, Kerrie!) and I’m of the strong belief that legal action in some form WILL be taken.  They paid for the designs last year in good faith, they’re now compensating the designers, they’ve had to withdraw the books from sale …….. this has been an expensive, and presumably embarrassing, exercise for them. 

If you’re one of the designers affected and haven’t taken any action, do please contact Igloo Books (if you’re having any problems doing that, leave me a comment and I’ll supply you with the relevant contact details).   

And a big Thank You to those of you who did such a wonderful job tracking down all these people.   


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  1. I really feel for the people at Igloo!

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