Big Plug … No. 8

19 March 2013

Another online friend of mine has opened an Etsy store with some stunning hand-dyed yarns in really beautiful colours.  Do go and have a look at Mellifera Yarns. Australians will find this yarn very reasonably priced too, at between $16 and $22 (which contains cashmere) for 100g of the gorgeous sock yarns. 

And there’s a good deal on the postage, which would appear to be at cost (we know we have to pay heavy postage costs for shipping over to us, but we don’t like you makiing a profit on it). Postage is at a flat rate of about $6 HOWEVER MUCH YOU BUY.





  1. Thank you for today’s link to that luscious yarn and colours. Just getting my morning coffee and will try and decide on colours and use. Kerry in Sydney . Your blog has lots of great information.

  2. I clicked that link. Now to get those lovely colours out of my mind. Do I need sock wool? Not at all. Can I use it for others things than socks? Definitely. Having just bought a small fortune’s worth of Brooklyn Tweed wool, I am on a budget for while. I will be back.

  3. Thanks so much for the plug, Sally. Must get dyeing some more 🙂

  4. The colors of the Mellifera are amazing! Rich and vibrant. {sigh}
    Oh – there’s cashmere involved on some! {happy sigh}

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