Sydney Easter Show

20 March 2013

Last night was the Preview Night for the Arts and Craft Section of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.  I know that many of you around the world are now familiar with this Show as my Sticks and String review each year has brought you to my blog.  But Sticks and String is no more so it was a bit sad to look around the cabinets and know that I won’t have the opportunity to tell you all about them. 

But of course I can – I’ve got a blog.  A friend took loads of photos (which I’m sure she won’t mind if I ‘steal’) so over the next week or so I hope to show you the best bits.

Preview night tickets are normally $30 and include a small amount of food and wine.  It’s generally very busy and there’s quite an art in “hijacking” one of the waiters walking through the crowds with trays. However, this year, for some reason, every entrant was given a free ticket.  Each entry costs $11 and, as I said last week, I DID enter, but decided not to submit.  In effect, therefore, my ticket cost $11 instead of $30.  (Why would anyone pay full price?  Just pay your fee but don’t submit an entry).  I always buy a catalogue, which costs $8, so that I have some idea what I’m talking about when I’m walking around the cabinets with David Reidy.  This year the catalogues were free.

I’ve no idea why the Royal Agricultural Society made these changes (but am glad they did of course – I saved $38) as the event is always so popular.  I imagined tonight would be heaving with bodies now that there’s free entry.  But it was the quietest I’ve seen it.   

If you think I am going to come up with some deep and meaningful reason for this, think again.  I’ve no idea why there were fewer people.  Does this mean that if they charged $50 for the tickets and $15 for the catalogues, the throngs would return?  I hardly think this is an event that would be more socially desirable the more expensive it is.  

And if you’re interested in the figures, there were 164 knitting entries this year.  Last year?  There were 164 then too!    

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  1. Here’s something else odd about the Show this year. The Show and NSW Easter school holidays have absolutely no days in common this year. I don’t know whether the show admin did that or the Dept.Educ. I find it very strange.

  2. I thought there were far more people there last night than usual – you could hardly get through the crowds in the art section. The queues for the shuttle to and from the car park were the longest we’ve ever seen. And there was a lot more food, too. Who knows whose perceptions were correct?

  3. I’ve previously paid full price to go to the arts preview but did wonder why I bothered as it would have been more worthwhile to buy a ticket to the whole show. But then I guess you don’t have to deal with the crowds.

  4. How odd! What happened to Sticks and String anyway?

    • Hi Lynne,

      I got sick and needed to take a break, then Mum got sick and I didn’t have time. I’m only just getting things back to normal now and really haven’t considered getting back into it yet – I’m working on a set of videos for work (on computing, not knitting) and that’s taking most of my ideas at the moment. Never say never, but I’d actually forgotten all about the Easter show until I saw the traffic advisory signs for it this morning on the way to work.


      P.S. Sally, proper letter coming soon.

  5. Last night was the first time I attended the preview. I really enjoyed it and was surprised at how many people were there! But I obviously have no point of comparison.
    I did think it was a great idea of the RAS to give entrants free tickets.

  6. I always looked forward to hearing you and David talk about the cabinets so hurray, I can now look forward to reading about the fine knitting at the Easter show instead.

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