Hear, Hear (Compulsory Reading for Australians)

23 March 2013

The Opposition Party (Liberals) fills the airwaves every day with its tales of doom and gloom in Australia.  I have to say the Government (the Labor Party) doesn’t do much better. 

Are Australians even vaguely aware that we’re the envy of the world?  We’ve weathered every financial storm of the last few years and must be one of the only (or even THE only) First World country that didn’t go into recession in the last global financial crisis.

The UK’s Guardian puts our whinges and moans into perspective – “Australians don’t know how lucky they are”.  If you’re Australian, or live in Australia, do please read it.



  1. Here! Here!

  2. Now I’ve read it, I don’t think it’s entirely accurate but I still agree that Australians don’t realise how lucky we are! And, yes, fellow readers, I am one!

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