Sydney Easter Show . .. . No. 4

25 March 2013

Last year, I entered the “sleeveless cardigan/sweater – 4ply or over” category so obviously I was interested to see what the garments were like this year.    sleeveless garment, 4ply or over

The Blue Ribbon winner is the one in the top left hand corner, knitted by a Guild friend, Kris (Web Goddess). She’s come so near but managed to just miss the top prize on a number of occasions – lots of 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commendeds I believe, but this is her first FIRST.   

Kris also designed and knitted these mittens, which are extraordinary.  They have knitted into them a QR code which, when scanned, takes you to the web page containing the pattern.  Not sure how she got that QUITE so accurate – could have been a bit embarrassing if a black stitch here and there had been replaced with a white one, and the link went to a porno page or the website of the local Thai take-away.  But they work.  Congratulations Kris – I’m looking forward already to seeing what you come up with next year.

Creative/original design

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  1. Wow! Congratulations, Kris!

  2. Thank you! The QR code on the mittens takes you here (http://web-goddess.org/mittens.php) if anyone is interested in the pattern. As to its accuracy – I was very, very careful! 🙂

    • VERY clever and neatly done!

  3. Well done to Kris. A lot of work and very innovative.

  4. Love the QR code mittens!! What a great idea

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