“More Than My Job’s Worth”

29 March 2013

The Myth Busters section of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive really does have some beauties (I’ve mentioned the myth about charity shops not being allowed to sell knitting needles, and the conkers ban in schools – all presented as H & S problems and denied categorically by the Executive).

There are stories about Chinese restaurants not being allowed to provide finger bowls  (the HSE says this is just a blatant excuse for poor customer service),  a local parks department banning the small wooden canes used to protect daffodil bulbs (HSE says an incredibly minor risk to the public who should not be walking through the daffodils anyway), and the London Underground cleaners banned from wearing woolly hats (HSE says that if they’re cold it would seem sensible to wear a hat as long as it doesn’t impair vision or hearing).

“Can’t do it, mate.  It’s against Health and Safety” would appear to have become  a “catch all” phrase when either the person can’t be bothered to do something, or can’t be bothered to explain the real reason for the ban.

It’s a lovely site.  I’ve spent many an hour there!


  1. Fascinating

  2. I’m glad to see that Pin the Tail on the Donkey can still be played at parties there.

    You’re doing well on your birthday month. Not long to go now.

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