Yet Another Anniversary

30 March 2013

March is the month I blog every day because it marks the anniversary of Pompom. On 9th March we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. And today is the 10th anniversary of my moving to Australia.  Note that I was married to David for a year before I moved here to actually LIVE with him!  Although the wedding took place here (because of UK legislation about residency before a wedding, which David couldn’t comply with), I had to leave the country a week after the ceremony because I didn’t have a residency visa and it took me a year to get one, to sell my flat in London and to move out here.

I worked out recently that I’ve lived in 18 towns and cities (in 3 countries – England, Scotland and Australia)  so being the “new girl in town” isn’t new to me.  I knew nobody in Sydney except for David so had to “work” to make friends.  The first few months were spent getting paid employment and settling in.  I knew that we would be moving from our rented flat so didn’t make a great deal of effort to make friends until we bought a house in a different area.

Then I did what I usually do in a new town – if I met someone (mainly through work) I liked, I suggested lunch, coffee or whatever.  Or invited them over for a meal.  I went along to a couple of local groups that were of interest (non-knitting groups) and met Lara at one of those and we’ve been friends ever since. Then I read one day on the internet about people meeting up to knit.  I’d been knitting since I was 5 but it was always something I’d done in the privacy of my own home and had never made friends through it. 

So I thought I’d go along to one, at a cafe in Newtown (a suburb of Sydney).  I had a great time with a lovely group of people – men and women, all ages – and have never looked back!  I made friends that day and they’re still my friends.  Hello, Mary-Helen.

So after ten years here, I know lots of people some of whom I would count as very good friends, I have a pretty good social life, and the added bonus is that my knitting skills have improved!

So thank you, Australia.


  1. You’re welcome!

  2. I think it is a lovely contrast that you went from thinking knitting was “something I’d done in the privacy of my own home ” to organizing the WWKIP event in Sydney. Kudos!

    And your Anniversary blog post reminded me of a nifty and appropriate comment Lara made in June 2011:
    “As for Sally, she may have been English at one point, but she is now one of us. She took an oath, and we celebrated at the local Chinese, so it might be more correct to say she is an English born Australian, or some such – but we have claimed her as one of our own ;)”
    Congratulations on your first decade in Australia!

    • Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Awww, so great to be mentioned in an anniversary post! Happy anniversary!


  4. You’re great at making friends, and though I’m still here in England (which suits me fine 🙂 ) I consider you one of my best Australian friends.

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