I Know A Man Should Have A Hobby….But

4 April 2013

A man and woman on the train on Tuesday night, sitting next to me.  They obviously had worked together at some point but hadn’t seen each other for quite a while.

They swapped stories about their jobs and their children.  Then she asked him (and I immediately wrote it down)  “Are you still doing all the genocide stuff?”

What genocide stuff?? 


  1. PMSL surely she meant Genealogy? Surely 😉

  2. Genealogy perhaps? *chuckle*

  3. I NEED to know how he answered that question!

    • He said “Yes” but just as the conversation was getting interested, one of them had to get off the train.

  4. I assume he hadn’t revealed himself to be a reporter or lawyer, or that might have made sense.

    • That was my thought too – maybe he was writing a book.

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