It Never Rains In Sydney

7 April 2013

Yes, I know that sometimes we get absolutely drenched and quite often the drains get so blocked that some streets become rivers.  But if you ever read the Bureau of Meteorology’s daily reports you’ll know that this is never ‘rain’.

Torrential downpours or a slight drizzle – it’s all the same to them.  It’s a ‘shower’.   We have ‘a shower’, ‘a shower or two’, ‘showers expected’, ‘early shower’, ‘late shower’ ad infinitum.   

It doesn’t matter whether the rain wouldn’t be enough for you to bother to rush out to bring the washing off the line, or whether it will remove your entire top soil, it’s a SHOWER. 

So next time you’re awakened by what sounds like ten fire hoses being directed at your roof and you need a very large umbrella and raincoat (sorry, “shower coat”) before you can step out of the house, remember this.  You may think it’s RAIN, bucketloads of it, but according to the experts, it’s just a shower.  



  1. Sounds a bit like Kansas….we call then gully-washers though….

  2. In Katoomba yesterday it was a fine drizzly mist. At home, in the morning, it was a heavy shower. Someone told me once that a shower comes and goes but rain is continuous!

  3. Ah, memories! Wet through to the knickers in five minutes – but it’s not cold, and as you say, described as a ‘shower’.

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