30 April 2013

When I was at primary school (aged 5 – 11), we did a lot of “projects”.  I remember one when we studied the bicycle!  We learnt about how they work, the history of the bicycle, the history of the clothing that cyclists wear, we drew bicycles etc etc etc.

I also remember studying American Presidents.  I used to be able to name them all in order.  I had a scrapbook with pictures of them all and a potted history.

But I discovered the other day a really fascinating fact about President John Tyler.  He was the 10th President and was born in 1790.  He was married twice and had FIFTEEN children.  The 13th child was born in 1853 (when Tyler was 63).  This son, Lyon, also produced children late in life.  One in 1924 (when Lyon was therefore 71) and one in 1928. 

And they’re still alive.  223 years after the birth of their grandfather.





  1. You always have some of the most interesting information…and I LIVE in the United States….

  2. Wow! That is amazing!

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