Normal Service Will Now Be Resumed

15 June 2013

I hadn’t realised that it had been quite so long since I last posted anything here until very kind people wrote to ask if I were OK.  Yes, I’m fine, and thank you for your concern.  Real life just got in the way of my blogging activities but I’m now getting a bit better organised.  I can understand why anyone who knows me would wonder if I were perhaps ill if I stopped chatting!

In Australia we’re now in that awful period coming up to a Federal Election – although it isn’t until September – when all political life centres around electioneering and point scoring.  This week, Julia Gillard (the Australian Prime Minister for those of you who aren’t aware of her – and she of the “misogyny” speech which went around the world) has again been the focus of some pretty personal abuse.  The Liberal Party held a fund-raising dinner where one of the items on the menu was described as “Julia Gillard Kentucky fried quail – small breasts, huge thighs”.   

A couple of days after we heard of this, she was asked during a radio interview whether her partner, Tim, is homosexual and whether she has a normal heterosexual relationship with him!  The interviewer thought this was an appropriate question because Tim is a hairdresser.  The radio station at least had the good sense to sack him.

Has anyone ever asked Tony Abbott (the Liberal Party leader) whether Mrs Abbott is a lesbian?

Still on the subject of Julia, does any other country have a leader who tweeted best wishes last Saturday to those among us who celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day?  Yes, she’s a knitter and apparently has a knitting bag with a “PM” tag on it, which is taken with her luggage whenever she’s travelling. 





  1. Saw the Sattler obnoxiousness. Blimey. A you say, glad they sacked him!

    Like the knitting wishes, too!

  2. I too had been wondering how you were and had been considering sending a note to check on you. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well although the crush of an election year can be overwhelming (and overwhelming in astoundingly bad taste – jeez).
    Hope your WWKIP day went well. Love the idea of a knitterly leader! It just seems right.

  3. That does make the mud-slinging in Canadian federal politics seem positively mundane. On the other hand, we are having lots of excitement in municipal politics, what with mayors being arrested and another one being accused of smoking crack.

    As far as I have been able to observe, short hair and sensible shoes are enough to make people ask if you’re a lesbian. Or assume you’re male.

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