Hibernating, maybe?

30 June 2013

I’ve been asked quite often lately what has happened to Kerrie Allman/Rycroft/Tallulah Ray/Jenn Smith-Clarke/other names I can hardly remember.  Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that she’s not currently publishing magazines as far as I’m aware.

Truffle Magazine rolled over and died after two issues and I’ve no idea whether bills were paid.  With her track record with printers, any printer producing magazines for her without demanding money up front needs his head examined.  KAL Media folded owing over 100,000 pounds to one printer alone, and ACM had a number of printing debts when that too closed down.  Craft Magazines Limited applied to be struck off Companies House register earlier this year but the application was refused, presumably because it has a lot of debt and the creditors objected.  I gather it takes a year or two for Companies House to investigate.

For the last six months, she’s been promoting herself as a “professional graphic designer”, a profession she has only recently joined.  My husband did a four year degree and has over 30 years experience in that field.  I, on the other hand, have a basic understanding of Photoshop and can produce a reasonably passable leaflet for a knitting event.   From the comments I’ve read on the internet about the quality of her work, I gather her skills are more on a par with mine than my husband’s.  I love the way she threatens to sue anyone who doesn’t want to pay her for the “job” she’s done.  For someone who has left debt in her wake wherever she’s gone, she’s very quick to want to call in the legal profession every time she feels aggrieved. 

So apart from the occasional rude comment here, all is quiet on the Kerrie front.

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