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The Questions They Don’t Ask

9 July 2013

Kevin Rudd has been our Prime Minister for two weeks now and is all over the press and television every hour of the day.  However, I’ve noticed that he really hasn’t been asked the IMPORTANT questions.  You know the ones; they’re the questions our previous PM was asked ad infinitum.

Does Kevin’s wife, Therese, do his hair every morning?  Why did he choose to have children?  Why did he get married?  Is his wife a lesbian?  Did either of his parents die of shame?  All the usual insightful probing that Julie Gillard was subject to for three years.  And where are the comments about his suits or his haircut?  We don’t even know if he knits.  Or why he wears glasses.

Australian journalists and commentators have been pretty quiet on all these issues and really should pull their fingers out. 

We need the FACTS or how on earth are we to decide whether to vote for him?



Get Your Free Hankies Here

5 July 2013

I do meet some interesting people travelling on public transport.

A couple of days ago, a woman plonked herself down next to me – she was panting and sweating profusely having obviously run for the train.  She used a bit of the free newspaper available at stations to wipe her neck.  I had an unopened packet of paper tissues in my bag, so I handed it to her and asked if she’d like “one of these”. 

She thanked me, and put the packet (still unopened) in her handbag! 

My (inadvertent) good deed for the day, I suppose.